Kenya: A Brave Soldier


Within the work of the Harvesters Family of Ministries we find great men. One of these men is Pastor Michael—church planter and leader.


His sad story unfolds like a tale told from the Bible. Harvesters International Ministries (HIM) has, like in the case of other country leaders, ensured that Michael has access to a motorcycle in order to oversee the church planting in Kenya.


Upon his return from a church planting meeting with the CEO Steven Loots in Eldoret; to his home in Nakuru, Kenya, the unexpected happened. It was already getting dark when he was suddenly stopped on his motorcycle by, according to Michael, ten well dressed men. After they blind-folded him and threw him off his motorcycle, they started attacking him—beating him fiercely and slashing him with a panga. Michael was left for dead. A passerby saw him later and called for help. Michael was admitted to hospital and not given long to survive his ordeal. There are strong suspitions that this was a targeted attack on a Christian leader.


Michael was paralyzed immediately because of his injuries. Thankfully with the prayers many and help of HIM, their partners and friends in Kenya, Michael could be transferred to another hospital to recuperate.

After a couple of months he was sent home—still paralyzed. It was impossible for him to use any of his limbs and he had to be fed to survive.


A Neurosurgeon looked at his MRI and said there was little hope of recovering any movement. But, despite this we continued to get good reports regarding Michael's recovery. Local doctors assisted greatly and  came to visit him at his home on a regular basis to give physiotherapy and to treat his injuries. Herbie and Francois visited Michael during a strategic training session. To their surprise, within a month Michael made such progress that already has full use of the top part of his body. He is now also able to eat by himself. Michael carried on with his work at HIM immediately. He appointed four national leaders as coordinators who will work with him in future. His legs are regaining their strength to such a degree that he is confident and believes, and we believe with him, that he will be able to walk and plant churches again.


Training of leaders  and church planting continues to grow from strength to strength in Kenya.