When the GTI needs an 'overhaul'?

GTI is the short name for Good Tidings India

The group is one of the partners of

Harvesters Ministries.

GTI started as a Church Planting movement more than 20 years ago. It mainly made use of the Train and Send model and had a Bible School in one of the main centers in the South of India.


It was over the last 5 years that the Leadership noticed that, although the individual churches were reaching out, evangelizing and baptizing new converts, the movement itself wasn’t growing. No new churches were planted and the Bible School struggled to deliver on the need of raising new leaders. The movement, which had now turned into a denomination, struggled to grow beyond 100 leaders. It urgently needed a new thrust.


During October 2016, GTI consulted with Harvesters Ministries and it was decided to embrace the Harvesters HUB Model.


In March 2017, GTI had a kick-off with 92 Indian leaders. There was great excitement in the room, but it became evident soon after that GTI was in “stuck mode”. It was difficult for these precious leaders to break out of the mold they have become accustomed to.


In July 2017, the GTI pastors attended the Refresher course. On the 2nd day of the Refresher, the GTI pastors were sent out on an outreach to 4 Fisherman’s Villages on the East Coast of India, using the Heart of Man Chart. The results were astounding. 269 souls gave their lives to Christ during the outreach. Evangelism hasn’t looked this easy in a long while!


Since March 2017, we can report that 62 HUB Leaders have planted 117 new churches, with 913 new converts being reported. All praise be to King Jesus! He still saves fishermen and He still converts Fisherman into Disciples.


By the Grace of God and by adopting the strategy of Harvesters Ministries the movement has become revitalized - lets pray for the exponential growth of God's kingdom in India.


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