Lagos is a city of almost 20 million people.


It's Almost the size of Beijing. It is said that some people commute for up to eight hours per day and that it is almost impossible to have more than one business meeting per day. I can believe it.


Traveling in the city is slow. Despite this, the trainee Hub Leaders arrived every day of the conference.

The nation is the largest in Africa and has huge challenges. Despite having the largest economy in Africa, poverty and war are very much part of life in Nigeria. Boko Haram dominates the north and constantly attempts to push south. It also attacks churches and other installations killing large numbers of people. Christians face persecution.

Over seventy men and women gathered as we shared the vision of planting multiple churches. The response was overwhelmingly positive – even from those from the North East!

Seventy Six pastors committed to becoming Hub Leaders and embraced the Hub plant to plant 40 churches each and to train a pastor for each new church.


During the evangelism training the trainee went out onto the streets for a mini outreach lasting only 90 minutes. During this time 239 people heard the Gospel and 107 accepted Christ.  The feedback since is that on the following Sunday more than 20 of them came to the morning services.

Three of the men trained as Harvesters Licensed Trainers in Cleveland, USA, attended and participated in the conference and all three have committed to continue the training in Nigeria. The follow up and refresher conference took place in November 2015 and Phase A training in February 2016.