Living Water for Zimbabwe


What an AWESOME God we serve!

I’ll need 3 weeks to tell you in detail what happened in the last 2 weeks!


In the Bible, we read about the 5 loaves of bread and  the 2 fish, well, I tell you in Zimbabwe it is 3 Watermelons and 6 maize cobs!  It was just amazing! HE IS OUR PROVIDER and PROTECTOR and PASSIONATE COUNSELOR!


Our journey started on the 17th. We drove via Botswana, avoiding the busy Beit Bridge border post and slept where new doors opened for us! In Bulawayo a friendly Desire and Elton waited for us with their 4 Children. New friendship, new family!

The Friday we traveled to Binga, but struggled with communication and slept over at the Catholic mission in two small hostel beds, but this was such a relieve after 7 hours of dodging bigger and deeper potholes.


Pastor Korea met us the following morning at the police station in and took us to his humble village. Since it was the rainy season we had to take a 160km detour. On our way we had the privilege to meet a group of potential Bible school students, very eager to start with the discipleship student pastor training.

Pastor Korea’s dear wife; Juliana waited for us, prepared our room and welcomed us in her beautiful Tonga way! She made us comfortable in the bush with goat liver recipes, grinding millet and how to make good ‘sadza’ (pap) on the fire.


A big highlight of this trip was our motorcycle scrambler challenge: through the bush to a group of believers on a mountain! The almost 17 kilometers took us 2 hours!  With my church skirt, and the Bible balancing between my tummy and Eddie’s back, the maize field, rivers, rocky hills and sandy roads was something I will always remember! A young man cycled in front of us guiding the way. His English is limited, so the only words that echoed through the night sky quite often was: “Ok, Let’s go!”

We arrived on the mountain just before sunset. A 12 year-old boy started beating a big African drum, it worked like a school or church bell, and after a while, about 100 people gathered for a Spirit-filled meeting! We ate chicken and ‘sadza’ with them, with our hands, from tin plates and it felt like in the times of Acts.


By Grace it was full moon, natural light provided for our scrambler journey back. It reminded me of the Israelites guided by fire at night. We arrived back home just minutes before midnight. To wash all the bush scars and dust from my almost black skin, with fresh cold borehole water from a bucket, was wonderful before we went to bed.


We celebrated Passover in Zvipane - close to Karoi - with our beloved Jesse, his whole family and 14 (of our now 64) congregations were represented! Kingdom was our message, and how to pass over the proverbial ditch that we dig for ourselves and our loved ones most of the time in life! New babies were dedicated and choirs sang till late at night until the dust made clouds as they danced! New strategies were shared on how to read your Bible. The woman’s conference coming up in June will prove the fruit! This was our 5th Passover with them. It is wonderful to see the small ones growing bigger, and the teenagers turn into grown men. Pray with us that our friendships with them will be protected by the blood of the Last and Perfect Passover Lamb.


Our journey detoured to Marondeira where more doors were opened for us. We took hands with “New Season Foundation”: a Rural development foundation. We were blessed beyond expectation. Thanks to Ross and his team, we can’t wait to see what Father is going to do next!

Of course because of finances, we did the tour with our Toyota Tazz, which did miracles through the sand and rocky roads. There were times where we had to get out and level the road as far as possible. We received help from strangers and got through time and again!


Thank you, is two small words, but thank you is all we can say to each and every one of you who carries us with your prayers, friendliness and partnership.


The cry of our hearts is for WATER!  After a 14 month drought, Zimbabwe had rains February, but it is still far from enough. For our people to survive this year, we urgently need boreholes as close as possible to each congregation. We estimated for 12 boreholes but after negotiations with leader groups the request grew to 55 boreholes. Please pray for open doors, open hearts, and finances to make this possible! Proper boreholes at a minimum of 40 meters each plus casing, pipes, and solar panel and a pump estimates at R70 000.


Moira had to give a lot of health education on diabetes and headaches and blood pressure. A simple practice like in SA to ‘drink 8 glasses of clear safe water a day’ is impossible to teach! People just don’t have water!  In the rainy season people walk an average of 3km a day, to fetch two 20 litre containers of water for a family of up to 8 people.  During the drought season it easily ends up to 8km a day.  Just imagine! This is then used for drinking, bathing, cooking and to water your crops if there’s no rain. The chickens and goats also need to drink!


When we flush a toilet, brush teeth, rinse vegetables, wash dishes, enjoy a hot shower, or simply switch on your washing machine - please remember Africa and pray with us for water!


Feedback on church growth:  In total we have now three streams of church organisations in training and a fourth is knocking on the door. Overall our Pastor training at UCAFC (Salmon’s churches) has grown to 64 established churches and 124 students.  At Binga (Pastor Korea Mudenda) an established church with 40 branches has handed in their first exams.  Banket has produced 4 new churches.  These students are now being trained to each make their own disciples and each to plant a church.  At Marondeira a new stream of students will emerge soon and a church from Scotland wants to adopt one of these streams.


All of these students needs books bibles and manuals for further study.

May our Lord the “Living Water” Himself; bless you!!


Eddie and Moira