Overcoming the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the Seven Wonders of the world. It was built to keep marauding Mongols from raiding Beijing, the Northern capital of China. Many lost their lives trying to overcome the wall. Overcoming this wall today however is easy, it means climbing its steep inclines and stairs (or just using the cable car) and millions of tourists do so annually.


There is another great wall in China, a wall built by ideology intended to keep the Kingdom of God at bay. It too has claimed lives, many lives. It has produces laws and restrictions and is strictly enforced and for local believers it has huge implications. While the Gospel has spread and millions have turned to Christ over the last half century, it has come at a price. An unknown number of pastors have been arrested, tortured and killed in the past. Arrests continue. Churches meeting in secret have been raided, members scattered and many have had to face severe consequences.


Today, persecution takes on many forms. It is not always accompanied by arrest and beatings but often means a loss of privileges, education opportunities for children, loss of employment and harassment by authorities. Recently laws were passed banning unregistered churches – effectively outlawing the house church movement. Some have closed and given up, most continue despite the restrictions.


Amazingly, the church is surging forward. The Kingdom of God cannot be held back. A tsunami of new churches is being planted. A vision is developing amongst leaders to see a church planted in every community, in every apartment building and in every conceivable place where people live.


They are willing to go out and evangelize despite the danger. There has been an adoption of a multiplication and discipleship model which has brought about a new urgency to plant many new churches


One brother recently shared how he had led hundreds to Christ in the past year and how churches are being planted with these new believers. This is amazing when considering that most evangelism has been one-on- one and has produced only a few believers at a time in the past. A focus for one church planting movement is to disciple every new believer in such a way that they themselves become disciple makers.


A pastor and his wife shared how they went out and won five new disciples to Christ. They expect their new disciples to go out and win at least one each in the next few months. When the church is ten people they will simultaneously use their members to go plant a church in a neighboring area while they continue to grow their own church.

Man made walls cannot stop the King of Kings and His warriors! Pray for those who have a Kingdom vision in China. Pray for boldness and a willingness to be a light in darkness.


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