Hub Leader Trainers Sessions Sept 2017 Achterbergh

Herman Roodt of Harvesters Bible School who trained a group of Hub Leader Trainers (HLT’s) in early Sept 2017 gave us the following report:


What an incredible week we had when HLT's gathered for Phase B (4th and 5th Sept) and then Phase C (6th and 7th Sept) Training in Johannesburg. Monday morning saw a group of over 20 Church planter trainers (HLT's), descent on Achterbergh training camp in Johannesburg. It was with great expectation that Suzette and I made our way down the valley toward the hall where we would yet again enjoy the next few days fellowshipping with God and our beloved Harvesters Licensed Trainers ... we were expecting a large group to arrive this week ... 23 for Phase B and almost 50 for Phase C.


An hour later one of our brothers led us in Worship and the words of the Revelation song echoed down the Valley: Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty... who WAS and IS and IS to Come - we were gathered here for the King's business ... and He is with us.


Over the 4 days we studied Ecclesiology: Clearly defining what a disciple and what the Church is. At Harvesters our refrain is that: "We believe that the most effective place to make disciples is within the context of Biblical Churches, planted Strategically and Systematically following Evangelism".


Our whole group engaged with the manuals and allowed God to transform our thinking about the Nature of, and others aspects of being Church of Christ. These teachings were followed up 2 days later with Phase C - Homiletics. By this time the group grew to almost 50 people and "Holy, Holy, Holy" thundered down the Valley as worshippers of Christ were united by one Spirit.


We are His and we lay down our lives before Him. Somewhere during the day our VP Church Planting, Francois Rauch joined us and blessed us with inspiring stories from the Harvest field. His testimony about his 2nd and 3rd "conversions" resonated with many hearts that are seeking a life of significance.


We talked about the centrality of the Word of God ... We are God's People, with God's Word, send to His People, to declare His Word. We considered the importance and ways of expounding the Word of God; and looked at ways to teach a helpful sermon structure.


Many of the participants were yet again called upon to present some of the lessons in order to sharpen our facilitating skills. We are blessed to have men and women, young and not so young; who are well able and eager to "go" and train Hub-Leaders in the Harvest field.


Many great discussions ensued over lunch.... what I heard was "May Your Kingdom come, Your will be done." These men and women are eager to serve the Lord sacrificially wherever He calls us to go. It is so great to be in this significant company of Christ's Body. Your love for Christ and each other ... as well as the Lost is visibly without measure. Thank you all for the wonderful days you've spent with us. We love you and pray that the call upon your lives will lead you to fruitful ministry in His name ... to His Glory alone!!!


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