In November 2015 a senior staff member visited Rwanda.


Just before he left we received a gift for Bibles for the newly planted churches there and he went in search of God's Word. The Bible Society had no stock. They claim that "a certain religious group" has been buying up the Bibles and then burning them in ceremonies or rituals.


On further investigation several other senior church leaders confirmed that wealthy Muslim leaders were behind the purchases and burnings. Our staff member was able to purchase only two boxes of Bibles from someone who buys and sells Bibles – this leaving no Bibles for purchase in the whole of Kigali.

This is the height of hypocrisy. If Christians bought up and burnt the Koran, there would be worldwide uprising and riots; yet here we see the utter hate of God's Word that comes from those who would make Africa the first Islamic continent.

The question is what will Christians do about this? What will you do about this? In just a few months, God has allowed us to plant 28 new churches through our new project in Rwanda. In the coming years hundreds of churches will be planted. Can we allow a situation where Bibles are burnt and none are available for the discipling of new converts?

We are calling on all believers everywhere to support our "Bibles for Rwanda" project. Help us to acquire thousands of Bibles and to distribute them to new believers and to those who have been praying for years for a copy of God's Word. No, we will not respond with violence or retaliate in any way. We will do what God tells us: We will go and win the lost in Jesus' Name and make disciples of the nations.

Others have tried to destroy the Bible and even the faith. Voltaire, the French philosopher and Deist, claimed that he alone would destroy Christianity. His printing press printed tonnes of tracts attacking the Word of God. He claimed that within 100 years of his death there would be no Christianity. He died in 1778. His home in Geneva was bought and used by the Geneva Bible Society and his printing presses were used to print thousands of Bibles. More than 100 years later the church is spreading like never before.

Matt. 24:35 (NIV) says: "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never  pass away."

Donate R150 for a Bible or R2,400 for a box of Bibles and help us spread this Word like never before. Take our hand and let us stand together against this evil that would swallow Africa and eventually the World.