635 Student-Pastors graduated recently

This was a day of Celebration. On the 15th July 2017, 635 student-pastors graduated during this God honoring event and everyone went home filled with gratitude.


It will always be a huge challenge to try and accommodate a large group like the one we had. Our team did really well considering the available budget, facilities and logistical challenges.


• Melissa did well to have the bulk of Certificates ready for presentation, nicely parceled and categorized according to the different regions.

• The Regional leaders did their part during the verification process and compilation of Graduate information. The pre-graduation meeting was a joy because of their availability, ability and servant hearts. The Lord provided great leaders in them.

• Herbie Venter was noticeably at home and was able to ensure that the Hall had been readied (Electrical repairs was needed & sound equipment had to be set up), the gowns, food, and transport organized. Herbie was a star in every aspect and we were so grateful to have him on the ground. The accommodation at Malembo Lodge was a safe space from where it was easy to negotiate all our activities.

• The Academic procession was made up of: Rev Danie Pretorius of Vaalpark DRC, who presented a short and encouraging message; Herbie Venter, missionary supported by Vaalpark DRC who shared his heartfelt impressions about the journey they had been on the last 21 years; Dr. Dave Semmelbeck, our guest of honor and the CEO of BEE, who acknowledged the work done by Harvesters and offering to continue to be there for those who would like to continue their training journey; and then the 4 Regional leaders namely: Anthony, Isaac, Harvey and Medson who all gave wonderful speeches, honoring Harvesters and the student pastors.

• Each of the 4 Regional Leaders Speeches set the stage for presentation of the certificates – region by region. Gowns needed to be swapped in between as we only had 208 Gowns.

• Every presentation of a certificate was a moment of great joy. It was good for us to give recognition in this way as the men and women who graduated stepped of the platform as equipped pastors, which they are! They will continue to serve their communities well.

• After the ceremony lovely food and drinks was served to all – everyone was satisfied. During this time we had photo’s taken in one of the side halls. It was pandemonium as people looked for gowns to line up for a photo that was produced on the spot from a battery powered photo printer.

• By about  3 o’clock the afternoon many of the participants were boarding the busses and ready to go back home after a very long but wonderful Graduation ceremony.


Background: Every student that graduated had been won to the Lord, called to ministry and then completed the three year curriculum of the Harvesters Bible School while pasturing their own church.

To graduate, each student had to plant three new churches and also had to develop a functional discipleship program within their own church.


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