110 Church Planting Streams Globally


A stream is made up of a number of local pastors (ranging from 30 – 250) who meet in a specific location for training over a four year period and from which multiple churches are planted.


Stretching from Brazil to China, Harvesters and its ministry partners are involved in 110 church planting streams across the globe.  Many more are planned.


The identified and selected pastors are called Hub leaders and each will plant at least 40 new churches and train a pastor for each church in a 6 to 8 year cycle.


Some streams are seeing exponential growth.


In one stream in Mozambique over 4 000 churches have been planted in three years and will probably plant at least another 15 000.


In some places especially where believers are persecuted, growth is still fast and exciting. Numbers of people are turning to Christ.  Some steams are in their infancy and will only start to grow exponentially at the 3 to 4 year mark.


Collectively the streams plant about 30 new churches every day that, means 1 000 new churches per month.  This number is also starting to grow exponentially as the stream starts to mature.


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