An audit of churches planted …

Mozambique – October 2017

by Francois Rauch

Much has been said about church planting, but more specifically on how to audit and assure that churches are planted and are sustainable.


Although we have vigorous administration methods in Harvesters to follow-up on every church planted in every stream, more is needed.  Then I met a lady, pastor Elisa Gomez - her photo on the right.


When I controlled her data sheet (to the right below) for churches planted it clearly showed her network of 44 newly planted churches in the Manica Province, Vanduzi - the area on the map below.


I personally red-flag all church planters who have planted a full hub – 40 churches.  Pastor Gomez was one of those.  I called her to arrange a meeting to look at the success of her strategy.  She was a no-nonsense very straight forward lady.  “A plan, immediate action and a dedicated central church”, she answered slowly.  “It took us 3 ½ years to fulfil the dream in the Vanduzi area and we worked in a 35 km radius”, she said.


I decided to get into my vehicle with her to visit some of these churches randomly as I knew the area like the palm of my hand.  To my astonishment churches were mapped out (just as we taught our hubleaders) on carefully folded sheets.  Each zone had a leader that reported to pastor Gomez.


People in the area confirmed my beliefs on the leadership of pastor Gomez.  Visit after visit I was welcomed by new disciples that found Jesus through a newly planted church.  I kept on thinking …. there must be one on the list that is not a functional church.  I was wrong.  Some of these newly planted churches had structures – some big, some small but every grouping had more than 10 people there were being discipled.


Two of the Harvesters team members, Past. Stuart Wood and Mark Andrews decided to audit a newly planted church in Beira which grew in 2 years from 2 members to 300.  They not just found the pastor …. they found the church and the 300 members.  It was encouraging to see what God has done In Mozambique through faithful servant who through discipleship and church planting grew the Kingdom of God in spectacular ways.


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