Kick-off in a Country in South East Asia

January 2018

After a short visit to a country in the region late in 2017 the team sprang into action and got the training materials and Bibles organized for a kick-off in January 2018.


Please be aware that we have deliberately "blurred" faces to protect our team and co-workers.


The team met up with the local group and the training was very successful.  A total of 38 attended the training and when they went to the local town and shared their faith a number of people came to the Lord.  As they returned the numbers were reported and recorded on the white board.  All these new believers will now be integrated into the new churches being planted.


As usual the team were trained to use several of the usual props and tools and also to do the work in a very practical way.


We praise God for his provision and protection in this time as it is a privilege to be part of God's plan for this region.




Your prayers for God's leading, his protection and favor during my time there will be appreciated. Pray for my family who stay behind, for God to be very close to them.


Also pray that those trained would be faithful and diligent in doing discipleship.


The need for Bibles and training materials is great and your gift can make it possible.


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