South America Missions

 has it's own special challenges

When God calls one into mission the only promise is that He will be with us Always!


The rest are all just about a work in progress and the special challenges our teams experience just to reach the places are just that special:


From traveling with a little boat and literally praying that the boat will reach the shore before it is filled with water due to a leak to flying in light aircraft to remote parts and having to negotiate severe thunderstorms - we can really share that the God we serve is an Awesome God.


By his grace we are currently working in some of the most challenging parts of the world and people are getting to know God on a daily basis.  The new churches that are planted to accommodate the new believers are also being added.


At the start of this new year we are looking forward to God providing in all the needs of our workers and that the situation will become such that more believers will be added especially in countries where it has traditionally been closed for the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.


If you are looking at getting involved in the ministry please get in touch and contact us.  If you want to contribute towards the overcoming of the financial challenges please use the button provided below...