South East Asia Sept 2017

One of our co-workers recently visited a few countries in this region.


The aim of the visit to this region was to determine the need and the opportunity.


By God’s grace he managed to meet some of the local church leaders and reported the following:

In the first location where people had to conquer monsoon rains and the subsequent floods to reach the meeting one of the local pastors said the following: 'I had to wait a very long time before I could hear the Gospel for the first time. I cannot let it be the same for my people.'


After the very fruitful meeting he traveled to another country and sent the following prayer request: ‘Pray that God will guide our conversations to determine the Need, Opportunity and Urgency as we travel around speaking to leaders.’


The intercessors prayed and God provided the following reports came from our co-worker:

‘God lead us to meet a man of peace who is the convention leader of all churches in the province. He understands that the church is the answer for reaching the 95% of non-believers.’


“Pastor H has planted 40 churches in 8 districts of the Province over 21 years. He says: 'I have planted (by addition), the church is weak and they have not multiplied. What can we do? '


‘The Elephant Church, Tiger Church and Rabbit Church.... In the country they also speak of Church Planting but many just use different terminologies to define the size of the churches, mega, city or house churches.’


We truly serve an awesome God and the doors that our God opens will never be closed by any man!


To participate in this awesome adventure contact us or if you are lead by God to contribute to the funding please do so.