Planting Churches in South Africa and at every opportunity

In the beginning, most of the work done by Harvesters Ministries, had been focused on the rest of Africa. More recently (last 5 years) the ministry has gone global. However, little work was done in South Africa.


This is changing.


Over the past two years, church planting Streams have been launched in Mitchell’s Plain, Orange Farm, Mamelodi, Kannaland, Mboza, Brakpan, Vastfontein and Jan Kempdorp. We praise God for the partners who have come forward to manage these streams.


The Pastoral Training Curriculum is already available in English and Afrikaans and is being translated into Zulu, Shangaan and Sesotho. More are planned.


Each area has its own challenges and opportunities. Pray for the Harvesters Licensed Trainers as they train local pastors as Hub Leaders. We hope to see thousands of new, vibrant and biblically based churches planted in South Africa.


Want to be part of this:  Contact us or use the link to contribute to this program: