Togo September 2017

Johan and Herbie were in West Africa the past two weeks we received a report from them:


And so the journey back from Togo to SA starts...


We are in awe at what God is doing in these parts of the world: From this Hub in Lomé (Togo) 56 Hub leaders were trained in Phase C. In turn, they are training 209 students.  We have reports that 168 churches were planted. (These numbers include some leaders and churches from Benin and territories of Ghana that are adjacent to Togo.)  The growth is so dynamic that the numbers could easily look different tomorrow.


On Thursday we went with Timothy, the local coordinator, to pick up his children at his friend, Dennis. Dennis has a youth ministry.  Shortly after he started to work with the children in the area, the parents went to the local voodoo priest and complained.  The priest said: "But did you notice the children changed. They do not lie and steal anymore." So the priest went to the local chief and asked if they could support Dennis.  The chief gave Dennis some land.  Today there is already a church building on the plot and a school is being built.  During this last week a roof was fitted to the building.


We drove by Timothy's brother to see his mother.  The elderly lady is well and healthy after recovering from a long illness.  We prayed for her when we visited here in February.  Prayer does that, it connects you to people.  Eagerly his elderly mother insisted that we go and see the church building they erected on the premises.  Timothy informed us that the particular church is the second one that this specific student pastor planted.  The first came after the breakthrough the Lord provided.


This is how it happened:


People called the student pastor, as a child was dying.  The pastor went and prayed for the child and the child was healed.

The people brought another lady for prayer.  She suffered as she has repeatedly had still births.  After the prayer she is now the mother of living child.  This has lead to the community trusting God and the pastor is planting a second church in the area.


From the dust roads between the little villages, in a moment of holy reflection, the world of western skepticism seems far away.  One wonders how it came that we as westerners start to doubt the fact that God still uses signs and wonders to affirm his Gospel today.


What can one say about our work here in Togo?  Did we ignite something?  That would be an arrogant overstatement.  The Lord has his own momentum.  We only came to encourage, equip a little bit, show direction.  God moved in peoples’ lives. He changed the way they thought.


By God’s holy appointment people are meeting Him, they are drawn in to a church and becoming disciples in the process.


Praise God!


This must be what it feels like to be carried off in Christ's victory march.




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