Church Planting in the USA

“There are far too many churches in the USA!”


Perhaps these are your thought too as you read this. Perhaps you are wondering why a church planting organization would want to plant new churches in a country where there are so many other ministries, young church planters and strong churches who could do the job.


The answer is simple: there are tens of millions of Americans who do not know Christ and who are not in a church. God loves them as much as the lost in any other place in the world.


The resistance to church planting in the USA often stems from the methods that have been employed by many. Instead of going to the lost and starting churches through evangelism, it has become standard practice to draw the best members out of local churches to start a new ‘better’ church. It is no wonder that local pastors view a new church with suspicion.


Harvesters Ministries is not in the sheep stealing business. We are interested in reaching the lost in every community. Evangelism, discipleship and multiplication are the keys to reaching this goal. Instead of starting with a building and trying to draw people to the church, we want our church planters to go into the community with the Gospel to where the people are. By winning them to Christ and doing proper discipleship we see these small churches grow significantly. While the culture in the US differs from other places, the Biblical principles and Godly mandate remain constant. Whenever believers are taught to be disciple-makers there will be exponential growth. It always seems slow at first, but eventually you have a vibrant church built on a solid foundation.


Together with our partners Adventures in Missions (AIM) the first Stream has kicked of in Gainesville, GA. Already there are exciting testimonies of many people coming to Christ and new churches being formed – all this without taking a single member from another church.


In October 2017 an intensive training course will be held for new Stream Leaders and we hope to multiply the model out significantly over the next year.

Watch this space!


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