Church Planting in the USA

“There are far too many churches in the USA!”


Perhaps these are your thought too as you read this.

Training HLT's Achterbergh

A group of Hub Leader Trainers were recently trained by Herman Roodt at Achterbergh near Johannesburg.

Training in Ghana Sept 2017

Herbie Venter and Johan Fleischmann recently visited Ghana and reported from the field.

South East Asia

One of our co-workers recently visited areas in South East Asia and reported on the situation and conditions of the church after meeting with church leaders from the area.

Bibles to Uganda

Every time a pastor, as pastor Richard Okello of Apac District near Lira, tells us that he does not own a Bible, and that he must borrow a Bible from someone and return it after the service....        Read more

Planting Churches in South Africa

In the beginning, most of the work done by Harvesters Ministries, had been focused on the rest of Africa. More recently (last 5 years) the ministry has gone global. However, little work was done in South Africa.

Indian state : Anti-conversion Lawn Law

Disturbing news from India. The explosive growth of Christianity is causing panic in some circles.

Bibles Burning in Kigali

Just before he left we received a gift for Bibles for the newly planted churches there and he went in search of God's Word. The Bible Society had no stock. They claim that "a certain religious group" has been burning them in ceremonies or rituals...

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Rebirth in Rwanda

"It's time time to cut down the tall trees."

With these words on 6 April 1994, a genocide of brutal ferocity and speed was inflicted upon the people of Rwanda...