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Church Planting

Our vision is to plant 1,000,000 churches by 2030. With incredible focus and guidance from Christ, we are committed to see this come to fruition. As Student Pastors go through the Harvesters training program, they are required to plant at least one new church each year. Our aim is to see healthy churches self-replicating through evangelism and discipleship. We believe the church is the Body of Christ and can meet anywhere, so Harvesters does not provide buildings for church plants.


The world is in great need of more evangelists to reach people with the Gospel. Harvesters’ Student Pastors are reaching non-believers and expanding the Kingdom of God through evangelism. Harvesters’ students are trained to be loving and strategic evangelists who seek to connect new believers into church networks so they can become Christlike disciples, and not merely converts.

Pastoral Training

Pastoral training is one of the greatest needs in the missions world today. However, adequate training is not always accessible to those who need it most. Our training program is uniquely available to those who could not normally overcome financial, language, or other practical barriers. We provide a comprehensive four-year curriculum that pastors complete alongside leading their churches.


There is so much for a new believer to discover as they grow into the fullness of Christ. Discipleship requires the intentional teaching of the basic principles of a life of faith to new believers. We believe this process should be planned, intentional, and monitored. As Christians around the world reach the lost and plant churches, new believers can grow in their faith. As disciples mature, they are activated to then disciple others.

Bible Distribution

Placing God’s Word into the hands of believers has been at the heart of Harvesters since our foundation in 1998, and in 2006 we established our ‘Bibles for Believers’ department. In 2022 we partnered with Biblica to launch the “First Church, First Bible” project which ensures that every family being actively discipled in one of our church plants will receive a Bible in their own language. Through regular Bible Placement Outreaches, we visit church plants to hand disciples their very first Bible and teach them how to use it – a truly fulfilling and encouraging experience! If you or your church would be interested in sponsoring Bibles and participating in a Bible Placement, contact us.

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