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507, 2022

Bibles Delivered! You Have Put Joy into Hearts

July 5th, 2022|

Thanks to supporters like you, 700 Zulu-language Bibles have been given to believers in South Africa!

Many who received one have never held a Bible in their hands and were truly grateful. People like Elizabeth Khumalo who received her very first Bible on her 67th birthday from Harvesters. She said:

“My heart is rejoicing as if I see the Lord right in front of my eyes! It’s my first day of joy in my heart.”

Harvesters Ministries visited churches in the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa to distribute Bibles and to deliver training. In fact, we even got a royal seal of approval to open the way in a new nation!

Elizabeth Khumalo received her first bible. Harvesters Ministries.

Elizabeth Khumalo received her first bible from Harvesters Ministries


Believers Received Bibles for the first time

Can you imagine hearing about Jesus, choosing to follow Him, joining a newly planted church… and not having a Bible to grow deeper in your faith?

This is the reality for so many believers around the world – which is why it is one of our aims to distribute Bibles to those who need them.

People with Bibles. Harvesters Ministries

In May 2022, Harvesters visited the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa where nearly 200 churches have been planted through evangelism.

The KwaZulu-Natal province on the east coast of South Africa is generally mountainous. The land rises 11,000 feet from its long shoreline on the Indian Ocean, boasting an abundance of natural beauty.

The team visited 33 churches in mountainous villages such as Ingwavuma, Sicabazini, Manguzi, Mboza and Shemula, bringing Bibles to those who have never had one.

Mamma Francene is 86 years old. She is illiterate but she wanted to receive a Bible. When asked how she will be able to read the Word, she replied:

“My grandchild will read it for me. I will understand the Word of God because I love God.”

Pastor Ntombi Buthelezi, who is almost finished with her Harvesters training, received 15 Bibles at her church. She is delighted that her congregation can now study God’s Word together. She said:

“At church, when we do studies, we use our Bibles – we open it, we go through the verses. If you don’t have a Bible, then you can’t do all of this. [Receiving Bibles] even helped the individuals at home. To have a Bible is a treasure.”

Mamma Francene receives a Bible from Harvesters Ministries

Mamma Francene receives a Bible


A Royal Welcome to a New Nation

Additionally, Harvesters conducted training with pastors in Ingweni village which is just 2km from the Eswatini border. Some of the pastors are from Eswatini and they will soon begin planting churches in their home country using Harvesters’ church planting model.

Eswatini – formerly Swaziland – is a small, landlocked country in Southern Africa. The team could see the border from outside the church building.

The training took place on Friday and Saturday. On the Sunday, the team was invited to a special service which takes place once a quarter when all the denominations in the area come together.

Also in attendance was Prince Mngomezulu of the Royal Family of Eswatini. A very special guest, who had come to worship the King of kings.

“We asked if he is a Christian,” said Beyers Brink, Regional Director for Southern Africa. “Then we discovered he is a pastor.”

Prince Mngomezulu stood and welcomed Harvesters Ministries. “That really opened up the doors for us in the southern part of Eswatini because that’s actually the area he is responsible for,” said Beyers.

Harvesters will return later this year to Eswatini to deliver further training and to encourage and equip the leaders who are eager to reach the lost and disciple others.

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2806, 2022

“Formerly We Were Ministering with Ignorance”

June 28th, 2022|

Thanks to supporters like you, Harvesters Ministries is providing pastoral training to hundreds of leaders in Kenya – pastors who have admitted that they previously struggled to adequately lead their churches and reach the lost. Now, as students of Harvesters, they cannot contain their excitement and newfound passion for the Great Commission.

Our mission is to see a church planted in every village! Read below how your support is growing the Kingdom of God in communities like Homa Bay, Bungoma and Siaya in Kenya – and scroll down to watch their testimonies.

Pastoral training in Kenya. Students of Harvesters Ministries.

Pursuing Growth in Homa Bay

Pastor Michael Omala has been ministering in Homa Bay for years. Now he is studying with Harvesters Ministries.

“We appreciate Harvesters Ministries for the teaching they’ve brought to us,” he rejoices, “because it is an eye-opener. Formerly, we were just ministering with ignorance. We did not know about the sound doctrine of the Bible but since Harvesters came, we have learned a lot and we appreciate it!”

“Thanks to their teaching, we have managed to open two churches in Homa Bay and one on the side of Migori.”

Pastoral training Homa Bay. Harvesters Ministries

Lives Changing in Bungoma County

“The Harvesters Material is the best material!” declares Pastor Wenslaus from Bungoma County. He explains that the practical application of the course particularly impacted him. “The Harvesters material talks about life, real life! Business life, Christian life, marriage life, family life and everything else.”

Making lunch on the training day. Harvesters Ministries

He notes that other training has been presented in the past that was ultimately ineffective, but with Harvesters “we can see the tangible outcome,” he says. “Today we can count 100 churches because of the Harvesters church-planting model.”

Bungoma County has nine sub-counties and there are students of Harvesters present in each one. “So, we are trusting God to saturate Bungoma County with churches.”

“I count it not as a challenge,” Wenslaus continues. “It is a calling – for people to know Christ, people to be trained, people to be equipped for the glory of God.

Leaders meeting for pastoral training. Harvesters Ministries

Ps Dylan, Country Leader, Ps Thinus, Regional Director, Ps Wenslaus and his wife.

Transformation in Siaya County

Pastor Calvin, from Siaya County, recounts how his own spiritual life was impacted when he became a student of Harvesters. “I was transformed!” he rejoices. “The 15 disciplines [which are outlined in Phase A of the curriculum] transformed my life! I put them into practice, and they have changed my life. My prayer life, my walk with God. There was one occasion that I was led to enter into the throne room of God. That’s because I was practising the discipline of the presence of God.”

“We are seeing churches being planted,” Pastor Calvin continues, “Me personally, I have planted five churches according to the Harvesters church-planting model.” He has plans to plant a further two churches by the end of this year.

Pastoral Training in Siaya County in Kenya. Harvesters Ministries

Vision for the Future

So far Harvesters has planted a total of 702 churches through evangelism in Kenya. By March 2023 our goal is to have 1404 churches, thus doubling the ecclesiastical footprint.

Dylan Agoye, our country leader for Kenya, has a vision to plant 20,000 churches in Kenya by 2030.

You can partner with us and see that dream realised! For just £8/$10/R150 a month you can provide a pastor with three years of practical and theological training – plus give them a Bible in their own language! Each student is equipped to reach the lost, plant churches and disciple believers. Partner with us today to see communities won for Christ!

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Watch their Stories:

Pastor Michael Omala from Homa Bay


Pastor Wenslaus from Bungoma County


Pastor Calvin from Siaya County

1406, 2022

Pray With Us: Displaced People in East Africa

June 14th, 2022|

Did you know?

  • Refugees and internally displaced people are those forced from their homes because of extreme conflict or natural disasters.
  • In 2020, despite Covid-19, the number of people forcibly displaced rose to 82.4 million – the largest number ever recorded.
  • Natural disasters displaced three times as many people as conflict in 2020.
  • The most common disasters in Africa are droughts, floods, storms and cyclones.
  • In East Africa, drought has caused the most displacement and death.

Displaced people in East Africa. Child


Needs Provide Opportunity

“Either displaced by wars or natural disasters, displaced people have become the planting, watering and harvesting fields of the Christian Gospel,” states a report from ISF (Institute for Strategic Foresight).

“When people are physically traumatised, it opens up a spiritual door through which the Gospel of Jesus can bring healing.”

The report concludes that the 9 most in need countries of East Africa, measured in terms of displacement, include 7 nations where Harvesters Ministries is already active: Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi Mozambique, South Sudan, Uganda and Zimbabwe. It also includes Somalia, where Harvesters hopes to open the way soon.

Displaced People given food support in Mozambique. Harvesters Ministries

Harvesters Ministries Food support in Mozambique.


Pastoral Care in the Mission Field

Because of the physical and emotional trauma, it is recommended that future pastoral training should include some measure of disaster relief preparedness and basic aid work. If pastors are not adequately trained to support the need, the risk is that Islamic leaders (vying for religious influence in Africa) will reap a harvest.

Harvesters Ministries’ networks of churches in East Africa have already been mobilised to quickly respond to both conflict and natural disaster crises.

After Cyclone Idai, one of the worst tropical storms on record, hit Mozambique in 2019, Harvesters pastors were given disaster management training in addition to their on-the-ground experience. Therefore, they were able to respond to the numerous storms that have hit the same region since – including Cyclone Eloise in 2021 and Cyclone Batsirai in February 2022.

In Ethiopia, the local church mobilised to help their brothers and sisters in the war-torn northern region of Tigray. Pastor Samson explained, “The church is doing great things – mobilising resources from our churches in the city and from our members. We are trying to mobilise more because the need is very huge. People are literally starving.”

Harvesters is involved in two refugee camps in Northern Uganda – Bidi Bidi Camp and Rhino Camp. Prior to Covid-19, our country leader for Uganda visited these camps and saw many opportunities for Harvesters to provide pastoral training and help these precious people.


Prayer Points

As the Church in East Africa adapts to respond to the needs of their people, we will support them in prayer.

  • Over 40 million people have had to flee their homes in search of safety in 2020. Pray that the Lord will intervene and we will see these numbers drop in the next few years.
  • Pray for the Gospel to spread as the people of East Africa move about, despite the difficult reasons they are forced to go. Pray that Christian refugees will become missionaries wherever they place their feet.
  • Pray for the believers and church leaders of East Africa as they rise to meet the needs of displaced people.
  • Pray for the global Church’s heart towards the displaced. May we see them through the eyes of Jesus and treat them with compassion and love.
  • 67% of refugees originate from just 5 countries! Some of the challenges the refugees face are language barriers, child raising in a foreign environment, securing work, securing housing, accessing services, transportation and cultural barriers. Pray that the Lord will help refugees with these challenges and that He will provide creative solutions for them!
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Displaced people in East Africa. Refugee Camp



Strategic Missions in a Time of Need Report from Institute for Strategic Foresight

United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

Harvesters Ministries

206, 2022

Your Support is Discipling the Children of Brazil

June 2nd, 2022|

In the region of Pará de Minas in Brazil, a group of Sunday School teachers began to rethink the content of their lessons following the pandemic. A global shut-down had put many things into perspective.

They knew they needed to adequately prepare their young students for a life following Jesus in this rapidly changing world. The Harvesters Ministries training was a perfect solution!

Para de Minas


The Need for a Fresh Approach

For almost two years, the church children of varying age groups had been unable to attend their Sunday School classes. As church gatherings slowly started again, the teachers were dissatisfied with the commercial materials they found. They wanted more solid teaching.

After all, Sunday School is not babysitting – it’s discipleship training. Each child has their own friends, their own mission field, where they are uniquely placed to share about Jesus. They are not the church of tomorrow. They are the church of today.

The Sunday School leaders reached out to their pastor for help.


Harvesters Discipleship Training was the Answer

Pastor Raimundo Duarte is receiving Harvesters’ training on church planting, discipleship and evangelism.

He decided to ask Harvesters to present a specific discipleship course for his Sunday School leaders, so that they could relay the teaching to their students.

Pastor Tiago de Oliveira Santos, a church pastor who also works as Director of Operations for Harvesters Ministries in Brazil, was invited to present foundational biblical teachings to the group – including what the church is, the meaning of the Gospel, the Great Commission, evangelism and assurance of salvation.

“I could not have received a better invitation,” said Tiago, “for we at Harvesters have a desire to bring sound doctrine back to churches and their ministries.”

Pastor Raimundo is committed to equipping the 15 Sunday School teachers in his church. “So far, three meetings have been held, one every month,” he explained. “The classrooms have a greater number of students in all age groups – and the teachers have more confidence and boldness in sharing the Word of God!”

Training the Sunday school leaders. Harvesters Ministries.


Looking to the Future

“I have two plans for the future,” Pastor Raimundo explained, “one in the medium term and one in the long term. The first is that these same teachers also begin to impact the regions where they live. I am encouraging them not only to minister within the temple premises, but to start work in their own homes and, who knows, soon we will have more churches planted here in the Pará de Minas region.”

“The second plan is that we will have mature and experienced teachers who can transfer this knowledge to other teachers, focussing on exactly what the True Gospel, the Church, and the importance of making Disciples is. These are the main topics that we have learned together with the support of Harvesters.”

And probably the greatest goal of all is the future of the church that lies within the children being taught – the future leaders, evangelists and church planters of the Para de Minas region.

“This journey is just beginning,” says Tiago, “and our objective is to form a base for children, adolescents, youth and adults who are the answer for the present and the future of the church.”

“I count on your prayers that the Lord may bring forth His perfect Will through these lives and open the way for more people to know Him.”

Tiago and Ps Raimundo. Harvesters Ministries.


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2505, 2022

Help Stop Believers Returning to Old Religions in Thailand

May 25th, 2022|

Pastors in Thailand are seeing new believers returning to old religions. And now they know why – because the church does not know how to disciple them, admits a local pastor.

Thailand needs your help to train new pastors to reach the lost and disciple others. £100/ $120/ R1,800 provides a pastor with Harvesters’ comprehensive three-year curriculum, during which they plant three churches through evangelism.

I Want to Train a Pastor >>


Welcome to Thailand

“Sawadee krap! Welcome to beautiful Thailand,” says Harvesters’ Regional Director for Southeast Asia. A stunning nation whose name translates to ‘The Land of the Free’.

The Regional Director explains the dichotomy he encounters when he spends time in the country. On one hand you see beautiful beaches, lavish temples and friendly people. But this is a front for what is hiding underneath the surface; a protected image for the 40 million tourists who flock to Thailand each year.

A second reality exists that is, sadly, a much darker picture. “Although Thailand is called ‘The Land of the Free’, in reality we see so many people who are caught up in bondage,” says the Regional Director. So many are bound by the permeating sex trade, human trafficking crisis, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Thailand Landscape.


A New Group Begins Training

The work of Harvesters Ministries began in Thailand in 2018. Then, in April 2022, the Harvesters church planting model was presented to a new group – sixty pastors from the Hmong Tribe.

More than seven million Hmong people in live China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. With an estimated 125,000 in Thailand, they are its second largest minority group.

“It was in the late 1950s that God called the first Hmong of Thailand to Himself,” explains the Regional Director, “and hundreds of the Hmong were converted to Christianity. Hmong followers of Jesus are a double minority: people of Chinese descent in a Thai society, and Christians in a Buddhist culture.”

The Hmong pastors face numerous challenges – including Christianity being watered down by lingering false beliefs, and opposition and prejudice. One pastor recalls how government soldiers surrounded a guest house, owned by a Hmong family, and destroyed the building. The pastor testified that he believes the demolition came from prejudice and persecution.


Discipleship is the Key

“As I introduce the Hmong pastors to the Harvesters Ministries’ methodology of Church Planting, one pastor tells me how hundreds of new-found believers have not understood the true message of the Gospel,” says the Regional Director. “They went back to their own beliefs because the church didn’t know how to disciple new believers.”

The local pastor acknowledged that this is the reason why their spiritual maturity never reaches the point of discipling others – which is Jesus’ commission for His Church.

There are so many in Southeast Asia who need God, who have never heard the Gospel and need to be discipled. Out of 109 people groups in Thailand, 74 are considered unreached. Harvesters is working to equip local pastors to reach their people. Your gift today will train a pastor in Thailand and beyond.

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Harvesters Ministries

1705, 2022

Pray With Us for Central and South America

May 17th, 2022|

Central and South America consists of 19 nations; and is home to the mighty Amazon rainforest, two of the 7 Wonders of the World, and the longest above-water mountain range: the Andes.

With a population of around 614 million people, Central and South America need our prayers for spiritual awakening, development of leaders and cultural transformation.

Harvesters Ministries currently operates in Brazil, Guatemala and Argentina, but we are opening the way in new nations – with visits to Peru happening this month, and plans for Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chile in the near future.



Revival and Spiritual Awakening

The majority religion in Brazil, Guatemala and Argentina is Roman Catholic. “They love God, but they haven’t found the full truth and the transformation of Jesus Christ,” says Francois Rauch, Regional Director for South America. “We need to pray for a spiritual revival.”

In addition, there are false beliefs from indigenous religions and secularism. Christianity is being watered down as many believers are not familiar with the Bible and are falling for false truths.

Training and Development for Leaders

Pastor Luissi Garcia, Country Leader for Guatemala, wants to see his nation equipped with pastors who are passionate to grow the church. “Through Harvesters we can support many pastors in Guatemala,” he says, “by teaching them to evangelise, disciple and plant churches.” Luissi recently held an evangelism training event for 25 pastors and 7 people got saved!

In Brazil, as the pandemic restrictions ease, training has resumed and church planting through evangelism is back in action in the urban areas. However, in the secluded settlements of the Amazon Rainforest people are still frightened of the pandemic and some pastors are reluctant to gather again for communion and church services.

In Argentina, evangelising and church planting has slowed. Pray as Harvesters reconnects with the pastors to support, encourage and challenge them. As the world overcomes the pandemic, Argentina needs to be won for Christ.


Cultural transformation

In 1996 Guatemala ended a 36-year-long civil war but its effects are still felt to this day. Gang and organised crime violence and drug trafficking test police and government control. Economically over half the population is living in poverty, with 40% of children under the age of five malnourished.*

“There are many people in Guatemala, as in the whole world, in need of love, forgiveness, salvation, and life transformation,” says Luissi. “People like the gang youth who are enslaved by their sin. We need a revival in Guatemala for them to repent and be free from their sin!”

Pastor Tiago Oliveira, Harvesters Manager for Operations in Brazil, calls for prayer as Brazil enters an election period. He explains that the candidates are against the Church and Christianity; and although the current president is supportive of Christian values, he can back down when challenged. “We ask the Lord Jesus to grant us a government according to His will,” prays Tiago.

In northern Argentina is a church plant of over 200 previous drug addicts who have found freedom in Jesus. “There have been success stories of people transformed by the church and the Word of God and strong leadership,” reports Francois. “We thank God as we see growth in that area. Let’s pray for more church plants.”

Market store

Prayer points:

  • Thank the Lord for all the lives transformed and communities changed.
  • Pray for revival across Central and South America. For believers to desire a deeper knowledge of the Bible. For the true Gospel to be known and shared.
  • Pray for the pastors and leaders of these countries. Pray for wisdom as they lead churches, make disciples and evangelise. Pray for church leaders to exemplify Christlikeness, love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
  • Pray for the Church to saturate the nations with Christian values.
  • Pray for godly connections to be made in Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chile as we bring the Harvesters church planting model to these nations. Pray for the training that will take place in Peru this month with around 100 pastors.


Pray with us >>

Harvesters Ministries

505, 2022

Newsletter – May 2022

May 5th, 2022|

Click the link to download the May 2022 newsletter. Inside is Matteus’ story from Mozambique, an update on church planting in Ivory Coast and some of Harvesters Ministries’ milestones.

Download the South African and International Newsletter – May 2022

Download the UK Newsletter – May 2022

Download the Africaans Newsletter – May 2022

Download the USA Newsletter – May 2022

Harvesters Ministries

2504, 2022

Crossing Rivers for the Gospel

April 25th, 2022|

How far have you journeyed to spread the Good News?

Pastors in Angola, Madagascar and Brazil all have one thing in common: they’ve crossed deep, dirty and dangerous rivers to share the Gospel.


Wading Through Waist-High Waters in Angola

Pastor Peter Kambulo from Zambia would bag up his belongings and hoist them over his head to keep them dry as he waded through swamps and flooded river plains to reach the unreached people of Angola he cares so much about. He was determined to share the Gospel at any cost!

Through dedication, hard-work and a passion to see lives transformed by the Gospel, he planted a church in a nearby town of Kasupa – which is actually over the border in Angola.

Peter has now relocated permanently to Angola with his family, continuing to reach the lost for Christ.

Long Journeys Down the Amazon River

Pastor Marcos da Silva, in the Amazonas region of Brazil, is trained in the Harvesters methodology of church planting. Now he travels along the mighty Amazon River evangelising to unreached tribal communities.

As his small boat chugs down the vast river corridor between walls of trees, he listens to every splash bringing him closer to people who are so sheltered that they have never heard the Name above every other name: Jesus.

“Hundreds and hundreds of kilometres are travelled in small boats on the mighty Amazon to reach thousands of souls and plant churches where there are none,” says Francois Rauch, Harvesters’ Regional Director for South America, as he presents a photo of dozens of people crowded together in a small rural hut listening to the Gospel. “Eighty percent of villages along the banks of the Amazon River have no church or Christian community.”

Crossing Crocodile Infested Waters in Madagascar

Pastor Alain Moreno is a Bible college lecturer in Madagascar. Many of his students travel from far away to join his classes. He noticed one in particular who was different in her serving, her faithfulness, and her attitude and commitment. He wanted to know why, and the Lord prompted him to visit her home village.

Alain travelled 600km to the nearest town, then 40km on a bus to a closer village, then walked a further 10km to reach his student’s home! “There is no access for the car, and it was hard and hot,” recalled Alain. “We had to climb mountain by mountain – going up and down. The walk took 8 hours.”

In the middle of this treacherous journey, Alain and his companion were halted by a river blocking their way. “You have to pray if you are afraid,” said the elder who was travelling with Alain. “Why?” Alain replied nervously. This river was home to crocodiles.

The elder was prepared. “We have an old technique to distract the crocodile,” he said. They threw a large rock to the left side of their path, causing a huge splash to grab the creature’s attention – providing an opportunity for the pair to rush through the waters. They emerged on the other side unharmed!

Alain continued his travels to his student’s home. Because of the crocodile river, the inhabitants only travel to market twice a year, when the waters are low. Alain was welcomed with generous hospitality, but he only ate a little as not to use up their reserves. Many had not left the village their whole lives.

“When we finished eating by candlelight around 8pm, the people are coming one by one joining the place where I was seated in the yard. They were asking questions,” remembered Alain. “I thought this is very good occasion to tell them about God and humanity.”

Alain stayed with the people of that village for 5 days sharing the Gospel. Before he left, he baptised three people in the rice field.


These men and women of God are dedicated to the mission of Christ’s Church. Pray for all our pastors as they lead more souls to Jesus Christ. You can support the work today. £100/$120/R1,800 provides a student pastor with three years of ministry training, during which they plant three churches through evangelism.

I want to support the work today >>

Harvesters Ministries

1404, 2022

Prayers for Peace

April 14th, 2022|

Be still and know that I am God – Psalm 46:10

It feels like there is conflict at every corner of our World right now! And, while that can make us feel anxious, frightened, and full of despair, we Christians know the only Hope that the World can depend on: Jesus Christ.

Harvesters operates in over 50 countries, and we want to highlight a few nations that are currently embroiled in wars and conflict situations. We call upon you to join us in prayer.

World globe


Eastern Europe

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has shocked and saddened so many, as the news and pictures emerging from the country highlight the awful suffering of innocent people.

One Ukrainian pastor, Yakiv*, told Harvesters that he has decided to stay, help others evacuate safely, pray with those who remain, and hand out essential supplies to those in need. His congregation was meeting as normal just a few short weeks ago. Now, he says, some are sheltering in their basements from gunfire, some have escaped, and others are doing what they can to help in Ukraine. Harvesters Ministries is supplying food aid thanks to your response.



The Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar (formerly Burma) has been under oppressive military rule for over a year. Hundreds of civilians, peaceful opposers, politicians, medics and journalists have been killed – including dozens of children.

“The church fears that the rule of a military government – who in the past has always been protective of their Buddhist culture and tradition – will have serious implications to the church,” explained Harvesters’ Regional Director for Southeast Asia. “They are expecting further restrictions upon the church to happen once again, though they are unsure of the extent and the form it will take.”

barbed wire fence


In November 2020, after years of conflict, civil war erupted in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. An immense humanitarian crisis arose, with 4.5 million people – most of Tigray’s population – in urgent need of assistance.

The war has caused thousands of deaths, widespread destruction, and people being displaced. Horrific stories emerged of human rights abuses, sexual assaults, civilian massacres and attacks on medical facilities and refugee camps. Ethiopia needs our prayers!

Harvesters churches from other regions are helping where they can. One pastor, Samson, told us, “The church… mobilised funds and we sent them to our coordinators [in Tigray]. We are trying to mobilise more because the need is very huge; people are literally starving.”


In the northernmost province of Mozambique, Cabo Delgado, violent attacks have come from non-state armed groups that have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

The pace and scale of the attacks have increased notably in the past few years. Attacks include setting fire to people’s homes, seizing towns, massacres, and beheadings. Originally instilling terror to rural communities from the shadows, the terrorist group has now moved into the open. Thousands have died, hundreds of thousands are displaced.

Last year, Harvesters Ministries provided food aid to starving and displaced people in need, thanks to your gifts.

Women at roadside


Prayers for Peace

As conflict rages, the Body of Christ must pray.

  • Pray for peace. For God’s divine intervention to cease the war and end the violence. For peacemakers in the land to rise up.
  • Pray for innocent civilians trapped in war zones. Pray for their very practical needs of safety, shelter, food, water, sanitation and rest to be met.
  • Pray for those who have been forced to leave their homes, families and livelihoods for an unknown future.
  • Pray for the leaders and decision-makers at all levels.
  • Thank the Lord for those who are helping however they can.
  • Pray for the Christians in these nations; that they will be empowered by God’s strength and resilience to bring His Hope to their neighbours at these unimaginably difficult times.

*Names changed for protection.

Harvesters Ministries

504, 2022

Fernanda’s Cancer Diagnosis Strengthened Her Faith

April 5th, 2022|

Some Harvesters’ discipleship training took place in a church in Brazil in 2018. “I wanted to teach all the congregants how to be a disciple,” said Tiago Oliveira, Harvesters Operations Manager in Brazil, and a pastor at the church.

One young lady who attended, Fernanda, had her faith truly tested when she was diagnosed with cancer aged just 25! “Fernanda’s testimony is a result of learning how to practice the disciplines we learn in Phase A of the Harvesters course,” says Tiago – disciplines such as abiding, obeying and praying, which are foundational to living as a Christ follower.

Fernanda. Harvesters Ministries

The powerful testimony of Fernanda’s discipleship journey

In March 2021 Fernanda noticed a lump in her neck, but doctors couldn’t make a diagnosis despite numerous tests. In early September, at a youth meeting, her best friend prayed. “We asked the Lord to show us what He wanted, and by the next day my lump had doubled in size,” she said.

Fernanda was admitted to hospital for further tests. “My Pastor’s wife prayed, and what she said at the end of the call changed the way I would see things going forward: ‘Take care that you don’t fail the test the Lord is trying to pass you on.’ It stuck in my head. And so, I said in spirit, ‘Ok God, so far, I’ve tried my way. Your Word says that if we trust You, You are faithful and just. So now it will be Your way. I will rest in You. I will no longer struggle with my strength.’”

That night Fernanda was transferred to another hospital and placed on a cancer ward. At that point she knew what her diagnosis would be. It was lymphoma. And then they discovered an accumulation of fluid around her heart which was stopping blood flow to her other organs. Yet, she recalls, “there was no anxiety in me.”

Hospital Drip


Fernanda’s Soul Cries Out

Fernanda began to take care of a fellow patient, Maria who was terminally ill.

“I can’t explain what happened to me, I was overcome by such anguish, they had to go get a wheelchair to get me out of the room,” she recalls. “I cried, I cried so much, I was in such great pain! But it wasn’t because Maria was dying, it was because Maria was going to hell. I can’t say how I could have been convinced of that, but at that moment all I knew was to cry for her soul and beg God that she would have the opportunity to accept the Lord. And may she die in Christ. It took a long time for me to get myself under control and go back to the room.”

On Maria’s last day on Earth, Fernanda prayed with her a salvation prayer. “Maria was no longer talking. I told her that I would say a prayer and she nodded and, in the end, I offered the Lord as Saviour to her. I said that it would be good if she agreed with me, and then she, with great difficulty, said ‘amen, amen.’ And those were the last words that Maria said.”


The Lord is in Control

Things were not going well with Fernanda. “I understood that the doctors would do nothing for me, and that I would die if I depended on them. But thank God for Jesus Christ.” Thankfully, she was able to have surgery that the doctors had originally been reluctant to perform. The doctors found there was more fluid around her heart than they anticipated.

By now, Fernanda had lost 70% of her hair and had been in hospital for 38 days. She was distraught when she was sent home, but 10 days later re-hospitalised due to sickness and fever. “Why this again, God?” she asked. And the answer came, “trust Me.”


Making Connections

The father of a lady from Fernanda’s church ended up in the hospital. The pastor tried to visit him but was not able to. The pastor prayed for an opportunity to present the gospel to this man. From inside, Fernanda was able to ask for a visit from her pastor, which was authorised.

During that visit, the pastor went and spoke to the man in the next room. Fernanda interceded from her room. He accepted the Lord that day!

Hospital Bed


Seeing Through God’s Eyes

“I had incredible opportunities with my God,” says Fernanda. “I can’t help but be grateful for the path of maturation and growth that he has led me on. I still don’t know what the final purpose of all this is, I just know that I don’t want to be in any other place other than His will.”

Please join Harvesters in praying for Fernanda’s health. We praise the Lord for her willingness to surrender to His will, and for the people who have met Jesus because of her obedience!

Read more stories from Brazil >>


Harvesters Ministries

2403, 2022

The Work is Working! Graduations in Lesotho, Kenya and Togo.

March 24th, 2022|

Hardworking students from Kenya, Lesotho and Togo have celebrated their graduations in recent weeks. Together with their family and friends, 134 students rejoiced across the length of Africa as they successfully completed the three-year Harvesters Bible School!

Pastor Lerato from Lesotho is so grateful to be equipped for ministry. “According to the call of God upon my life, I felt that this is the right tools for my ministry. The training pushes us into doing the call of God, which is making disciples. So, I believe that, as the church, we are going to be stronger as we do discipleship rather than [making] converts.


The Harvesters programme provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers both practical skills and theological topics. Harvesters equips local believers who are passionate about the Great Commission to reach their neighbours.

I want to train a pastor>>


Bittersweet Celebrations in Lesotho

The first ever group that began Harvesters training in Lesotho graduated in February! It was a moment of huge celebration with pastors, adorned with gowns and caps, grinning from ear to ear as they posed for photos. Together they have planted 134 churches through evangelism.

Lesotho. Harvesters Ministries

However, each of them remembered their mentor, trainer and friend, Francois Snyman, who had started this journey with them but was not there that day. Francois, Harvesters’ Country Leader for Lesotho, was tragically murdered in his home during a robbery late last year. Francois’ late wife, Mariette, was present to celebrate with the graduates.

Pastor Bob from Maseru, who has planted one church so far, spoke of the lasting impact Francois has had on him. “I can continue because he planted the seed of the Word of God for us to be resilient even in the difficult times. I believe that I will be able to continue with the work that he left in my hands.”

Pastor Lerato in Semonkong, expressed the same sentiment. “We are definitely continuing with the work because there is a baton that has to be passed on. Even though it was not a good thing to lose Pastor Francois, we are definitely going to continue with the work we have received from him as the servant of God. So, like Moses when he passed away and Joshua had to take the Israelites into the Promised Land, we believe that we are going to continue the work even in that hard situation. We are going to progress, and we are going to be strong.”

“This is the fruit of the work of Francois Snyman who passed away last year,” recognises Beyers Brink, Regional Director for Southern Africa. “He will surely receive an eternal reward for his work!”

Lesotho graduates. Harvesters Ministries


Togo Graduates Receive Bibles for their Churches

In the small West African nation of Togo, 22 pastors completed their last Phase in the programme – Phase F, Introduction to Systematic Theology – in January. Furthermore, thanks to your gifts, they were given 75 French Bibles for their leaders!

They are now putting together strategies to reach communities further afield and they aim to plant 30 churches from March.

Pastor Charle Woglo joyously said, “I knew I was called to go! This helped me to understand why I must go. I now have a better understanding about how to be successful on a mission field. I am ready to go for Jesus!”

Togo Graduates. Harvesters Ministries


Students Overcame Difficulties in Kenya

Three Kenyan training groups joined to graduate together in December last year. The students testified how their personal lives, marriages, families, and the ability to lead their congregations were transformed because of the training.

One of these groups in particular had a difficult road to that celebration day. Pastors from Marakwet County encountered bandits armed with guns crossing the border to steal their cattle. “Some Pastors had to close their churches to relocate to some other areas within the county and continued to plant their churches there,” recounts Dylan Burgess, Harvesters’ Country Leader for Kenya. “Some lost their homes as they were torched by the bandits in 2018/2019.”

Furthermore, the Marakwet county is mountainous. “During the rainy season they experience landslides,” explains Dylan, “which posed a great challenge for even the trainers to reach them!”

Covid-19 caused even more problems! “However, that never made them give up on the training,” says Dylan. “Most of them took that time to reflect on what they had been taught and as soon as they could, they gathered to continue with the training.”

Their persistence was worth it as they graduated together late last year. These pastors have certainly shown commitment to the Great Commission!

Kenya Graduates. Harvesters Ministries

I want to train a pastor>>


Legacy Maker: Lesotho Graduations

Harvesters Ministries

1503, 2022

How Do You Prepare for a Cyclone?

March 15th, 2022|

For Alain Moreno, Harvesters’ Country Leader for Madagascar, the answer is simple: you collect resources, serve the community, and present the Gospel.

Simply put: you do what Jesus would do.

Man in Madagascar overlooking flooding. Harvesters Ministries

The countries situated along the southeast coast of Africa – in particular, Madagascar, Mozambique and Malawi – are under the attack of relentless storms that are forming in the Indian Ocean. The flooding has extended inland to Zambia and Zimbabwe. Regional Director for Eastern Africa, Thinus Botha, reached out to local pastors offering support and prayer. He asked, “How do you prepare for a cyclone?”

While human instinct could be to run, hide and protect oneself, Harvesters’ pastors are seeing immense opportunities to share the Gospel. They are showing up right in the middle of the crisis to serve their neighbours.

Google Maps Madagascar and Mozambique

Google Maps


The Situation

These southeast African nations rely heavily on subsistence farming to survive, but they are finding the weather increasingly extreme – from drought to cyclones. If they are unable to plant when they need to, or if their harvest is destroyed, many simply cannot feed themselves.

Within two weeks Tropical Storm Ana made landfall on Monday 24th January, then Cyclone Batsirai on Saturday 5th February. Madagascar was first hit and has reported the most deaths. It then reached Mozambique, whose Prime Minister has said that the challenge is bigger than any one country’s ability to tackle it. Malawi lost power nationwide and declared a state of natural disaster.

In addition to failed harvests are food shortages and soaring prices. Buildings and bridges are in ruins and powerlines are down. Whole villages have been washed away and tens of thousands are displaced and homeless. Dozens have died. The most disheartening part is that these natural disasters are becoming frequent occurrences in this region.

Pastor Marcos Binda from Mozambique reported, “Many people are suffering because they have nowhere that they can gather as a family because their houses have been destroyed by the strong winds. We previously spoke about the droughts, but the situation has completely changed due to the cyclone, and everything is much worse across all regions.”


Hope and Opportunity

Pastor Alain from Madagascar explained that the churches are gathering their resources and finances to help those in need.

“You can look at a situation as glass half-full or glass half-empty,” remarks Thinus, “Alain’s definitely a glass half-full guy. He sees opportunity in the middle of the disaster. Opportunity to serve people and present the Gospel.”

“Obviously, when people are in a place of vulnerability like this, being displaced, their hearts are open for the Gospel,” Thinus says. “He had such a positive attitude towards a massive cyclone that’s hit their country!”


We Need to Intercede. Here are some Prayer Points.

  • Thank God for the resilience, strength and faith of leaders in Madagascar, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Pray they will encounter the peace of Christ that surpasses understanding, and that their peace will be a witness to others.
  • Pray for the practical needs of the communities: that they will have places to sleep and food to eat, and that they will be able to rebuild damaged and destroyed buildings.
  • Pray for the crops. After catastrophic disruption to the intricate agricultural cycle, we need to pray that the Lord will heal the land. Pray that the people will get the seed they need to plant for next year, and food to eat at present.
  • Pray for those who hear the Gospel. The Harvesters programme ensures that new believers are discipled in churches. Pray that people who make a decision will attend and join a church family.
  • Pray for the health of the thousands who are living in emergency shelters. We thank God for the support of many charities that are helping. In close conditions, certain illnesses can become rife. Pray that people remain safe and healthy.


For fresh updates from the field, visit our interactive prayer wall.

Church lost its roof in Madagascar. Harvesters Ministries



BBC News:

BBC News:



Madagascar Video

Harvesters Ministries

303, 2022

People Are Getting Saved in Myanmar

March 3rd, 2022|

The Situation in Myanmar is Worsening

Myanmar is the largest nation in mainland Southeast Asia with a population of over 54 million. Seventy-eight percent of people practise Buddhism, the country’s largest religion.1 Around 8% of the nation is Christian and, sadly, this small group is becoming more persecuted. According to Open Doors’ recently released 2022 report of the most persecuted nations for Christians, “Myanmar is one of the big rises in the latest World Watch List, jumping six places to number 12.”2

Myanmar road

The military coup that began in February 2021 has made the situation worse for the 4.4 million Christians. Open Doors reports that the army has attacked Christian churches, aid workers and pastors but left Buddhist monasteries untouched, showing the increasing intolerance of our faith.


Pressing on with the Great Commission

In light of this context, it’s especially remarkable to hear the news that Harvesters pastors are still passionately preaching the Gospel openly. On Christmas Day 2021, a team of 6 pastors went out evangelising. They told the people about our loving Father, who sent His Son to pay the price for our sin and open the way for us to reconnect to God. The leaders in Myanmar are “serious about evangelism… even on Christmas Day,” explains the Regional Director for Southeast Asia.

Myanmar Life

The pastors preached in the local town and in a nearby village. Seventy people heard about Christ that day, and ten of them gave their lives to Him. We thank the Lord for the faithfulness of these pastors, despite increasingly difficult circumstances.


Choosing Jesus Christ

Fifty thousand villages in Myanmar remain unreached; without a single Bible or believer.3 After a recent visit to one such village, Pastor Shi* met an elderly woman who immediately showed interest in the Gospel, believing that Jesus was in fact the Messiah. She gave her life to Christ and heaven rejoiced!

Her decision came at cost though. When her husband heard the news, he told her to choose between him and their Buddhist religion and Christ. She bravely declared, “I’m following Jesus. He is my Lord and Saviour now.”

Lady from Myanmar



Her newfound joy in the Lord opened many opportunities to share Jesus with friends in her village. Now she is not the only believer. A new church was planted in this previously unreached village and recently they had their very first baptism. All because one woman found and followed Jesus.

A few weeks ago, her husband also decided to give his life to Christ! Praise the Lord!

*Name changed for protection

Read More About Our Work in Myanmar >>


1Joshua Project

2Open Doors

3Reach a Village

Harvesters Ministries

2402, 2022

Rural Communities in Zambia Need Your Help to Hear About Jesus

February 24th, 2022|

Training Resumes

“Harvesters is back in the town of Zambezi, Zambia after 2 years. Praise God,” came the joyful celebrations of Regional Director for Southern Africa, Beyers Brink. And a joyous occasion it certainly was! After months of restrictions and lockdowns, Harvesters was able return to teach the next phase of pastoral training.

There were 20 leaders who were last trained in 2019. Since then, despite the challenges of the pandemic, there have been six new churches planted through evangelism! This is equally thanks to you, our donors.

Zambezi Training. Harvesters Ministries

After a rewarding few days in Zambezi, the Harvesters Licenced Trainers travelled the hourlong journey north to conduct more training among the rural Luvale people.

Thirteen pastors gathered in Chavuma, a remote village situated on the bank of the mighty Zambezi River, under the hot African sun – nearly 40 degrees that day! The Zambezi is a dominant figure in the lives of the Luvale people who are fishermen by trade. “What a privilege to train Phase B, Preparing for Ministry, overlooking the Zambezi River,” said Beyers. “These pastors have already planted 24 new churches!”

Zambezi Rover. Harvesters Ministries


Iron Sharpers Iron

Pastor Teddy, an overseer in the district, explained that pastors doing the Harvesters training are motivated and excited to evangelise, plant churches, study the Word, and disciple others. Going through the programme creates a community too, he says. “We have leaders that have interest in whatever you, their brother, is doing. They want to hear what God is doing and rejoice with you in the work. If anything is not done rightly, they are able to correct and help you and tell you way to go. I think that’s the way it should be. That really helps you to grow.”


A Huge Need

All of the leaders also received their own Luvale Bibles, thanks to your donations. Although the Bible is available in the mother tongue, the area is in huge demand for churches and leaders as there are only very few in this area.

Brother Masaha from the region explains the situation. “There are some congregations there. But I would say generally people are not grounded in the Word of God. They are nominal Christians. Even those that call themselves Christians, they really need the full Gospel.”

Rural Training. Harvesters Ministries

There is a cry for equipped, trained leaders in the area. Brother Masaha is thankful to Harvesters for meeting this need. “I have seen there is a big advantage in what Harvesters are doing because after this training we will have people, leaders, that will help teach these people, even the so-called Christians who are not grounded in the Word. We are going to have people who really help because the present leadership is not capable of helping the people spiritually.”

You can help! It costs only R1,800/£100/$120 to put a pastor through a three-year comprehensive training programme, during which they plant three churches through evangelism!


Opening the Way

Pastor Teddy explains his excitement about Harvesters Church Planting Model. “We are a church that is here to do church planting,” he says proudly. “So, the Harvesters model of planting churches really touched me. Especially the model of a hub leader planting 10 churches and then those 10 student pastors each planting 3 churches – you’ll make 40 churches. I think that if we have about 10 of them you have 400 churches. You really saturate the area with local churches. And that really motivates me a lot.”

I want to train a pastor >>>


Harvesters Ministries

1502, 2022

Pray for the Work of Harvesters in the UK

February 15th, 2022|

Harvesters Ministries originated in South Africa, born from the vision of our founder Steven Loots in 1998. Since then, Harvesters has expanded across the globe and now operates in 52 countries. Excitingly, it officially arrived in the UK in early 2018.



Pastor Glen Chaplin, Development Manager for Harvesters UK, explains, “Our first major project was to let the UK know of our ministry. Introducing folk to what we do around the world.”

Harvesters partnered with a national Christian radio station, Premier Christian Radio, and had the privilege of becoming their ‘Charity of the Year’ for 2019-2020. With a weekly audience of 1.2 million, this campaign enabled Harvesters to share our vision throughout the UK. It resulted in funds to send thousands of Bibles to new believers across Africa and Asia.

“At present I visit churches in the UK, inspiring and encouraging them of what God is doing through Harvesters in over 50 countries,” says Glen. “So many people are amazed with our vision! Many are moved to tears when they see new churches worshipping in bus stops or under trees and even a barber shop. Or in a swamp church in Myanmar where children are singing so vibrantly. What’s really moving is when they see pastors getting a bible for the first time.”

“I love Harvesters because it fulfils the Great Commission of Matthew 28,” remarks Glen.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and   to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20.

In addition to giving Harvesters’ updates in churches, Glen is sometimes invited to present the Disciplemakers course. Which, Glen explains, “encourages local British churches to get back to the basics of evangelism and discipleship.”

The Disciplemakers Course is offered free to churches in the UK. It encompasses all the principles used in our church planting programme which has resulted in exponential church growth around the world. Steven Loots, CEO and Founder, packed 30 years’ worth of experience into the very practical 7-hour course. It covers foundational Biblical principles and presents practical strategies for evangelism and discipleship.

Cows in field


Prayer Points for the UK

  • Pray for successful church visits for Glen. Pray for opportunities to start visiting more churches as the UK slowly returns to normal and Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease.
  • Pray for those who have attended the Disciplemakers courses. Pray that Christians will remember the foundational disciplines of a life as a Christ follower and will put them into daily practise.
  • Thank God for the growing group of monthly and repeat donors.
  • Pray for the nations of the UK: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. That Christ will be known more deeply and widespread. That this nation, once built on Christian values, will return to knowing Him as King.

Harvesters Ministries

102, 2022

Newsletter – February 2022

February 1st, 2022|

Here you can download our February 2022 newsletter. Inside are some recent stories from the field, including new translation work happening in Zambia, an exciting testimony of an unsaved man in the Middle East who found Jesus and now plants churches, and our largest Bible Distribution trip yet!

Download the UK newsletter – Feb 22

Download the Africaans Newsletter – Feb 22

Download the South African and International Newsletter – Feb 22

Download the USA Newsletter – Feb 22

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