Saturation Mapping

Three keywords distinguish the Harvesters church planting methodology, namely Strategic, Systematic and Measurable. Harvesters uses the Harvesters Hub Church Planting Model to ensure that regions are mapped out strategically so that no community is overlooked in developing new church streams. Once a Hub Church is identified in an area the approach is to strategically ensure that the area is mapped out prayerfully by the local pastor to ensure saturation. The process then unfolds systematically over time, reaching out to the identified communities and ensuring that the Gospel reaches every community, village, town, apartment block or neighbourhood.

Once this process of strategic and intentional evangelism is set in motion rapid, sustainable and measurable church growth is ensured. The Harvesters Mapping and Data program ensures that the process is measureable and accountable, allowing accurate logistical support for the training of a pastor for every new church.