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You’re helping transform the world like Jesus did — by making disciples

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus told His followers to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” Not converts. Disciples.

And transforming converts into disciples is what God’s church does.

Watch below to learn about the journey of Harvesters Ministries, which was born to serve a desperate need all over the world: the need to develop disciples of Christ.


The Prayer Became a Vision: The Story of Harvesters

“The prayer that was birthed in the tiny airplane over Malawi gave birth to a vision of such magnitude that at first I thought it was an impossible dream. But slowly, as I prayed this over and over, asking the Lord for these small African villages, He confirmed what I was to do for the next few decades…”


By God’s grace and your ongoing support, our mission is to plant one million new churches, train one million pastors, and evangelise and disciple 100 million believers by 2030. 


Thank you for helping make this mission possible!