Christian Enemy to Student Pastor: Pham’s Testimony

In the depths of Southeast Asia, where Christianity is perceived as a threat, testimonies of God’s work often go unheard. Here, we shed light on the remarkable testimony of Pham*, a young individual who defied societal norms and found faith, and Pastor Anan who played a pivotal role in spreading the message of Jesus in this challenging setting.


An Enemy of the State

Southeast Asian village in the mountains

Pham grew up in a family deeply rooted in animistic beliefs, where becoming a Christian was synonymous with being labelled the “number one enemy of the state.” This perspective was reinforced by Pham’s father, a local official who taught him that Christians undermined their Asian culture and national unity. However, God intervened and led Pham to meet Pastor Anan.


Pastor Anan’s Resilience: A Beacon of Faith

Motorbike in mountains

Pastor Anan, who has endured two arrests because of his faith, exemplifies unwavering resilience in the face of persecution. He sees how individuals grow stronger through adversity and that their faith is fortified as a result.

After attending the church planting training organised by Harvesters Ministries in the northern region, Anan has planted four churches over the last six months.


Divine Encounters

Man riding motorbike in mountains

As Pastor Anan prepared for an evangelism outreach to a village located 80 km north of his home, he fervently prayed for divine guidance. Specifically, he asked for a “man of peace” who could facilitate entry into the village. However, his plans encountered an unexpected obstacle when his motorbike broke down along the way.

It was at this critical juncture that a young man named Pham appeared, offering to take Pastor Anan to his village, which coincidentally happened to be the same village he intended to visit.

Intrigued by the purpose of their journey, Pham engaged in conversation with Pastor Anan during their travel. He was amazed that someone would risk traveling perilous roads, treacherous slopes and winding paths to deliver a message. The question lingered in his mind…

What message could be so important?


The Good News

Southeast Asia culture

Upon reaching Pham’s village, he invited Pastor Anan to his home. Pham invited his father to come and sit with them but he resisted, saying, “The teaching of Christians will poison me and the people of our village just like opium does.”

However, from outside the room, Pham’s father couldn’t help but overhear the Gospel as Pastor Anan shared. His curiosity moved him closer and closer to the room until, ultimately, he joined the conversation, and the transformative power of the Gospel touched his heart.

Pastor Anan led Anan, his father and the entire family to faith in Jesus Christ that day.


The Journey Continues

Southeast Asian rural home

Pastor Anan continues to travel those perilous paths in order to disciple Pham’s family and other newfound believers. Through his guidance, these individuals have experienced a profound shift in their perception of what it means to be a Christian.

Today, Pham stands on the threshold of a new chapter in his life, undergoing training with Harvesters as a Student Pastor over the next three years. This preparation will equip him to plant three churches, and continue the cycle of evangelism, church planting and discipleship in his region.

*All names changed for protection

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