The Work is Working! Graduations in Lesotho, Kenya and Togo.

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Hardworking students from Kenya, Lesotho and Togo have celebrated their graduations in recent weeks. Together with their family and friends, 134 students rejoiced across the length of Africa as they successfully completed the three-year Harvesters Bible School! Pastor Lerato from Lesotho is so grateful to be equipped for ministry. “According to the call of God

Missionary Murdered in his Home

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It is with tremendous sadness that we share with you that, in the evening of November 6th 2021, Francois Snyman was tragically murdered during a robbery of his home. Francois was a South African missionary in Lesotho – serving, training, and loving the people there. He headed up the work of Harvesters in Lesotho, and

Newsletter – June 2021

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Click the link to download our June 2021 newsletter with information on how Harvesters has adapted our training due to the Covid crisis. Plus, read the wonderful story of our recent Bible distribution trip to Lesotho and about a remarkable church planter in Vietnam. Download the USA Newsletter - Jun 21 Download the Afrikaans Newsletter

A Joyous Journey Delivering Bibles Around Lesotho

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How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news – Isaiah 52:7 In March 2021 a Harvesters team travelled for a week around the mountainous terrain of Lesotho and successfully delivered over 1,000 Bibles. The enthusiastic group of eight – who began their journey in South Africa – loaded up

Pray for Your Brothers and Sisters in Lesotho

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The mountainous kingdom of Lesotho is a beautiful southern African nation. The last few months have been busy and fruitful in many ways. But the people of Lesotho need your prayers.   Pastors are being trained In the last weeks of 2020, Harvesters training continued in Lesotho. In Maseru, the capital city, 32 student pastors

The Word of God Changes Communities in Lesotho

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It has been difficult, and in most cases nearly impossible to travel, due to the COVID-19 lockdown regulations that has been implemented in many countries across the globe. Lesotho has been an exception to the rule. Representatives of Harvesters Ministries were able to travel within the country and minister churches. One of the highlights of

Help Feed Starving Families in Lesotho

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The COVID-19 virus has infected millions of people all across the globe. Hundreds of countries implemented lockdowns to control and curb the spreading of the virus. Because of these lockdowns, people have been unable to go to work, earn a living and provide for their families. Millions are starving. One such country that was negatively

Lesotho Rejoices over Bibles!

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Vivid green hills, majestic mountains and remote villages – this is what I experienced as I travelled through the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho. As I look at these mountains and travel to these remote villages I am reminded of one of my favourite Bible verses, Isaiah 52:7 “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet

An African Kingdom On Fire for Jesus!

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A family on a mission As I left the certainty for the uncertainty – about five years ago – I knew one thing: God is in control and He will provide. My family and I packed up our entire life and moved to the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho. We arrived in the small village of […]

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