God Shows His Favour in Tanzania

The beautiful ocean, bustling city sounds and tourists everywhere – these are some of the scenes that you will experience in this large, growing city on the East coast of Africa. Just off the coast of Dar es Salaam is a beautiful and tropical island – Zanzibar. This island is a Muslim area and it is extremely difficult to be a Christian here.

There have been various incidents of persecution on the island. Many churches have been torched, believers have been thrown with acid, believers are shunned by their families – these are only a few examples of the torture that Christians go through not only in Zanzibar, but in the whole of Tanzania.

There is still Hope

Pastor K* and his congregation are still doing major outreaches even though it places their lives in danger. These events are opportunities of note.

Pastor K explains the outreach, “Every year we have a single outreach and we call it end of the year outreach.” They show the Jesus film and travel from village to village. “The young people go on an outreach with tracks in their hands or handouts to the people inviting them to come to the open air message,” says Pastor K.

Every year between 100 and 200 people get saved. The healings and miracles that take place at these outreaches are amazing.

Under normal circumstances the Tanzanian government does not allow open air events. It is a favour from the Lord that the government allows these open air meetings every year – especially during December when believers celebrate Christmas.

The best part of these events is the fact that more people can experience the love of Jesus and that people can get saved.

Harvesters Ministries is Opening the Way in Tanzania

Pastors in Tanzania really just want fellow believers to pray for them. They are always thankful for support. Thank you for helping Harvesters to open the way with your prayers and gifts.

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