Harvesters can Reach the Lost in the Amazon

Missions and mission organisations desperately need the prayers of believers like you to reach the lost with the Gospel. Through your continued intercession you are making it possible for missionaries to reach out to people across the globe, share the Gospel with the lost and ensure that the Word of God reaches the ends of the earth. Your prayers are building God’s Kingdom.

You have recently helped to open the way for Harvesters Ministries to train pastors in some of the remote parts of the Amazon forest.

Praise God with us that one of the training teams could recently visit Tefé on the mighty Amazon. Tefé is one of the largest cities in the Amazon and is situated in the northern part of Brazil. Training occurred and churches leaders sat down with strategic river pastors and communities to discuss the way forward.

The pastors mapped out their areas in the Amazon in order to plant churches. Harvesters is currently working in areas where only 5 to 18 % are reached or have any access to any form of the Bible. This is quite a daunting statistic!

These people live in complete isolation.

In the Amazon there are clusters of floating houses off shore that look like little boats, but in fact they are river communities. It is very typical that there are dwellings and communities of River Peoples and indigenous people on many rivers and tributaries within Amazonia (the Amazon Basin). Tens of thousands of these communities are without a place of fellowship and have never heard the Gospel.

There are more than 10 000 villages along the banks of the Amazon river that still have no access to a church or the Gospel. Your prayers will help change this.