Meet the Women Planting Churches

This International Women’s Day we want to take a moment to recognise and celebrate the powerful impact that women church planters are having around the world. They are deeply committed to their calling, and we are honoured to share their stories with you. Plus, scroll down for a video.


Meet Matuso

Ps Matuso, a woman church planter from Lesotho. Harvesters Ministries

Matuso Nyane planted a church in the mountains of Lesotho using Harvesters’ methodology. Partaking in the training has helped Matuso to evangelise more effectively, know the Word more deeply and disciple others more intentionally. “It has equipped me with the knowledge I didn’t have before,” she explains. “I am now able to plant many churches through the Harvesters programme. I hope this will help many people come to know God.”

Every Sunday she undertakes the 3-hour, uphill walk to her church. Although it is tiring, she is determined to “reach the unreached with the Word of God” she explains. You see, she is the only one reaching those people, because Harvesters trains students to go where there is no church and plant one through evangelism.

Matuso is passionate about teaching God’s Truth because people in her neighbourhood are caught in bondage to false gods. “They are being tortured” she says, because they don’t know the freedom that comes with Jesus. But “the Word of God is helping them to be free from the bondages. So, I’d like to thank the Harvesters programme very much.”


Meet Catarena

Ps Catarena, a woman church planter from Mozambique. Harvesters Ministries

When Ps Catarena Caetano accepted Jesus in 1991, “I had a dream telling me to plant a church,” she explains. “I began to pray. Then I joined with four other people, and we began to pray and pray.”

Catarena was delighted to learn about Harvesters and began the training. In 2018, her dream was realised when she planted a church in her city of Beira, Mozambique.

“Harvesters’ training is helping me,” she says. “Now we have 53 people here. I’m so happy to see those 53 people at church! But I won’t stop here. May God give me more strength to continue planting churches.”


Meet Honorine

Ps Honorine, a woman church planter from Kenya. Harvesters Ministries

Ps Honorine from Kenya was introduced to Harvesters by her bishop who recognised her potential and invited her to do the training. One day, when examining a local map of unreached communities to go to evangelise, Honorine had one place on her heart.

“Bishop saw that I could do God’s work very well,” said Honorine. “We did door-to-door evangelism, and it was successful.” During the three-month long evangelising and fellowshipping stage of the church plant, Honorine had no idea that her bishop had chosen her to lead this new church.

“During the church launch, I was busy preparing food, and I was called,” she explains. “I needed to be prayed for and be anointed to become the pastor.”

She was surprised, but her Harvesters training had prepared her well. “Harvesters teachings has really given me a lot of courage and strength,” said Honorine. “I’ve been so strengthened in God’s work and as I stand, I stand with courage.”


Meet Ruth

Ruth Kabwe, a woman church planter in DRC. Harvesters Ministries

Ruth Kabwe from the Democratic Republic of Congo has always loved studying and sharing God’s Word. She learned a lot at home from her husband who has two theology diplomas. Since becoming a student of Harvesters, she is learning more than ever before. “My husband taught me basics,” she explained. “But now I can see there are a lot more details.”

Ruth planted her church through evangelism. “Each morning I go out to make disciples,” she said. “When I’m doing it, I’m rejoicing. I meet different people and teach them. I explain to them what we learn here at Harvesters. Thank God for giving me these teachings.”

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