Opening the Way for Christ in Western Europe

Thanks to the unwavering support of our donors, Harvesters Ministries is now expanding our ministry to Western Europe.

Sadly, despite being the birthplace of Protestant Christianity, Western Europe has witnessed a decline in religious affiliation and practice over the years. A recent study by the Pew Research Centre revealed that many Europeans now identify as agnostic or atheist, while the number of people identifying as Muslim is increasing.

However, our mission is to bring Western Europe back to Christ.


The Way Forward – Disciple-Making

Street artist paints flags of Europe. Harvesters Ministries

“Churches are saying, ‘We need something new’,” explains Ian Stanton, Harvesters’ Regional Director for Western Europe. “And I believe that disciple-making is the way forward.

With this in mind, Harvesters is supporting churches in the region with evangelism and discipleship training.We are currently forming connections in several Western European countries, including the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal and Scandinavia.

In fact, in April we will be presenting Harvesters vision and methodology to church planters in Spain so please pray for that.

We have also released a new version of our Disciple Makers course that has already been successful in the UK. It teaches biblical tools and principals for discipleship, evangelism and church planting which Harvesters has been implementing around the world for almost 25 years.


Our Work Among International Students

Student work - 18 nations represented in this photo. Harvesters Ministries

Younger generations in Western Europe are known for their liberal views, which have led them to reject many of the traditional moral stances held by the Church. While it may seem like Jesus is accepted within this ‘anything goes’ culture, many are unwilling to accept God at the cost of everything else.

Harvesters Ministries aims to change this narrative.

We are working among international students in various universities in the Netherlands. Our vision is to disciple these students, who will return home and introduce Jesus to their friends and families. We believe that this strategy will help to saturate Europe with the Gospel.


Join us in Prayer

Crowd of people in the Netherlands

As we embark on this mission to bring Western Europe back to Christ, we invite you to pray with us.

  • Pray for strength and guidance for Ian Stanton, Harvesters’ Regional Director for Western Europe, as he works in the region. Ask God to provide the right connections.
  • Pray for church leaders as they equip their congregations with Harvesters’ materials for evangelism and discipleship.
  • Pray for our upcoming envisioning visit to Spain and for more pastors to get involved.
  • Pray that the hearts of people in Western Europe will be open to the Good News of Jesus.
  • Pray for our work among international students. Pray that they will choose Jesus at the cost of all else and passionately introduce Him to their friends.
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