Pray with Us: Bibles are Being Burned!

In the heart of Tanzania, a devastating reality is unfolding… a community of Muslim followers are buying Bibles, not for reverence but for destruction.

Yet, where the flames of radicalism threaten to consume the Word of God, hope shines through. In the city of Tabora, over 100 pastors gathered with uncontainable excitement for the inaugural sessions of Harvesters’ training programme, aptly known as a Kick Off.

The challenges are undeniable, and the urgency is real. But amidst the adversity, there is a call to prayer that can make an incredible difference. Find prayer points below.


Overcoming Challenges

Dr Patrick Mbota. Harvesters Ministries

Dr Patrick Mbota, a key leader for Harvesters in Tanzania, shared a critical perspective on the challenges being faced. He highlighted the rapid growth of the Muslim population in the region which has been “empowered with money and materials”.

In response, Harvesters sees pastoral training and church planting as the solution to counter this influence. We are focused on strengthening Christian communities and equipping local pastors to confidently spread the message of Christ.

Despite the clear challenge, the 106 pastors amazed us with their eagerness to spread the message of Jesus. For one of the training sessions, they took to the streets of a densely Muslim-populated area to evangelise. Their bold faithfulness resulted in 47 lives being transformed by Christ!

The most devastating news is that some Muslim communities are buying all the Bibles they can find so they are unavailable to Christians – and burning them! Can you imagine living in a city where your cherished Bibles are being obliterated?

Thankfully, Harvesters Ministries is committed to placing God’s Word directly into the hands of believers through our ‘First Church, First Bible’ project in partnership with Biblica, so that no Christian is deprived of this life-transforming treasure.


Opportunities for the Future

Group Studying HOM Chart. Harvesters Ministries

The opportunities in Tanzania are vast. During the training days, it became evident that for every pastor present, there were countless more colleagues and friends throughout the nation yearning for Harvesters’ guidance in church planting.

Additionally, two brave pastors travelled from a nearby country where it’s too dangerous to openly engage in Christian teaching. These missionaries are determined to return and “reach the lost at any cost.” Sadly, in their situation, the cost is an imminent risk, and we must pray fervently for them.

Dr Patrick has a powerful vision for the future. He shares, “It’s my prayer that within three to five years, if we can get Bibles when we minister, we will start discipling people, and within five years Tanzania will be on fire for Jesus.”


Pray With Us

Group of pastors. Harvesters Ministries

  • Praise God for committed Christ-followers throughout Tanzania, represented by the 106 pastors who gathered for the recent Kick Off. Pray for their continued boldness and passion in the face of increasing adversity.
  • Lift up the two brave pastors who are determined to reach the lost in a nearby dangerous country. Pray for their safety, divine protection, and that their ministry will bear much fruit despite the risks they face.
  • Pray that God’s Word will permeate the region and that every Christian will have access to a Bible. Pray for our “First Church, First Bible” project with Biblica.
  • Pray for the radicalism and hostility towards Christianity to be transformed by the love and truth of Christ. Ask for hearts to be opened and for lives to be changed through encounters with Jesus.
  • Let’s join Dr Patrick in prayer for his vision to see Tanzania “on fire for Jesus!”
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