Pray With Us: Ethiopia’s Hunger Crisis

While Ethiopia is facing a hunger crisis, church leaders are seeking to reach their struggling nation for Christ. Below are some prayer points you can use to lift them up in prayer.


Hunger Crisis

Dry ground. Pray Ethiopia. Harvesters Ministries
Ethiopia’s dry fields

Agriculture has been the foundation of the Ethiopian economy for centuries, but years of over-cultivation and unreliable weather caused frequent droughts and famines.

Then due to the conflict in Ukraine, food prices skyrocketed. This spelt disaster for Ethiopians who, like many of us, rely on imports from that region. This landlocked nation is struggling.

Furthermore, a terrible civil war grips the Tigray region. The UN says more than five million people are in urgent need of food in northern Ethiopia.

It is estimated that every 48 seconds a person dies from hunger in East Africa.

In the midst of this, we know that the local church is God’s vehicle for bringing hope to the suffering. So, Ethiopian pastors are learning how to disciple believers and reach the lost.


Pastors are Ready to Reach the Lost

Thinus Botha, Regional Director for East Africa, has just visited Ethiopia – Africa’s second most populated country. Sadly, it also has the highest number of unreached people groups in East Africa.

In Addis Ababa, the capital city, a group of pastors presented sermons and evaluated each other as part of their Phase C training on Sermon Preparation.

“Everyone was fired up and the Holy Spirit ignited the passion for souls in all of our hearts once more,” Thinus shared. “We all cried out to the Lord for more opportunities to share Jesus with the lost.”


Thirty Eager New Pastors

Over in the beautiful and bustling city of Adama – a 90-minute drive from the capital – thirty new pastors gathered to learn about Harvesters’ church planting methodology. In the background, singing voices rose from the nearby Coptic Church, which is very active in the area.

“This is a place where the harvest is truly ready,” said Thinus. “We started a new stream with 30 very eager, on fire and able servants of God. What a time we had in the presence of the Lord. As I shared about Harvesters and what we do, everyone just stood to their feet and said, “here I am, Lord Jesus, send me!” All of them committed to planting at least one new church in the next year.”

Ethiopia’s struggling and starving people will receive support from these churches as they bring the hope of Jesus to them.


Will You Pray for Ethiopia?

Open hands. Pray Ethiopia

  • Ask God to provide for the hungry men, women and children in Ethiopia. Pray that the global population would better steward the ground, crops and food that He has given to us.
  • Pray for the 30 new pastors who have each committed to plant one church in the coming year. Pray that they would know God’s Word, preach faithfully to the lost, and plant churches through evangelism.
  • Cover Ethiopian pastors in prayer as they lead people through severe hunger and droughts across their land.
  • Thank the Lord for the people of Ethiopia. Pray for a revival in this nation.
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