Sowing Seeds of Vision Across Europe

As the vibrant hues of Spring painted the European landscape, Harvesters Ministries spent the season unlocking new opportunities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and France. This Springtime we planted seeds of vision, and we invite you to pray with us for a fruitful future harvest. Find prayer points below.


March: Netherlands

During March 2023, Harvesters Ministries had the opportunity to present our vision for church planting through evangelism and discipleship to four churches in the southern province of Zeeland in the Netherlands.

One leader immediately invited us to return in September so we can equip his entire congregation in the town of Terneuzen. This upcoming visit will feature the introduction of our new Discipleship Church-Planting Model in the Netherlands, which focuses on principles such as understanding the Gospel, defining the church, teaching evangelism techniques, and outlining strategies for church growth and organic church planting.


April: Spain and Belgium

In April, Harvesters Ministries held its first-ever Discipleship Church-Planting launch on European soil, in Madrid, Spain. Eighteen pastors gathered for this inaugural event presented by Steven Loots, Harvesters’ CEO. The success led to future Kick Offs scheduled for September in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Santiago de Compostela.

We met Pastor Luis, who moved from Guatemala to Spain and has planted a church in a Burger King through his unique evangelism approach of buying people 50-cent ice creams. And Pastor Alberto, who although initially sceptical became a staunch supporter of Harvesters after understanding our biblical foundations. He plans to introduce Harvesters to his network of pastors in Spain and invited us to his annual church camp.

En route to Madrid, we stopped in Antwerp, Belgium to meet pastors Desire and Yannick. This father and son planted a church in Mechelen in 2017, but challenges from the pandemic affected membership and evangelism efforts.

Discovering Harvesters’ Model for church planting brought encouragement and paved the way for a Kick Off in Mechelen in July. The pastors regained hope and renewed their commitment to evangelism, appreciating the support and collaboration with Harvesters Ministries.


May: France

May saw Harvesters conducting a Discipleship Church-Planting Kick-off in Le Havre, France. Ten church leaders passionate about church multiplication attended the training. Their dedication resulted in the planting of two churches, with aspirations to establish six more by the end of the year. Harvesters will return and equip additional leaders in November.

“We’ve always wanted to do church differently,” said Clayton, one of the attendees. “We’ve tried hard to disciple, but we got tired very quickly because of a lack of a good process, good material. But our heart was for multiplication and church planting. Meeting Harvesters has given us a lot because it’s given us a process. I’m very encouraged for the future. We believe we can actually see multiplication on the next few years to come.”


Prayer Points

Building in Spain. Harvesters Ministries (2)

  • Thank the Lord for every opportunity for Harvesters to encourage and equip leaders throughout Europe though our unique Discipleship Church-Planting Model.
  • Pray for every seed planted across the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and France. That every leader who has been equipped to evangelise, plant churches and disciple others will do so with passion, dedication, and love.
  • Pray for the hearts of the European people, that they will turn to God when they hear the Gospel.
  • Lots of invitations have been extended and we are excited to grasp those opportunities. Pray for these future prospects.
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