The Time is Now

Every four seconds somebody in India dies without knowing Christ. Somebody enters eternity without ever having the opportunity of knowing the Name that is above every other name.

In the time that we live it is an urgent call to all of us out there, wherever you are, that someone needs a word of hope, needs Christ. It is an urgent call to everybody. It is never too late and the time is now.

Over 150 000 people die without Jesus every day. For them it is too late. For those who are still alive, there is still time. The Gospel has the power to save. Harvesters is doing everything that they possibly can to take the Gospel to those who have not heard it. But we cannot do it alone…

One such testimony where the Gospel reached the unreached, is from Rahul* in India. He lives in a small village on the eastern coast of India. There is not a single Christian in Rahul’s village, let alone a church!

Rahul has lots of built up anger after the death of his 14-year-old son, a few years ago. Rahul was a Hindu and an idol worshipper. He had never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ who died for his sins.

One of our volunteers travelled to Rahul’s village and shared the Gospel to Rahul during an outreach. He showed Rahul that he needed to accept Jesus Christ to have peace in his life. After a few outreaches where our volunteer shared the Gospel with Rahul, he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. Rahul is the very first believer in his village!

His neighbours mocked him, his family resented him and the entire village became hostile towards him. Rahul’s response left me speechless, “Jesus showed me the condition of my heart and He restored my peace. I lost my son, God has sent His son to save me. What more do I need!”

Rahul started a church in his village. The congregation is growing by the grace of God. Two Hindu ladies from his village accepted Christ and is helping Rahul to share the Gospel with other non-believers.

*Names changed.