You Are Training Pastors in the Amazon

“Amazonas has been the state most affected by the pandemic here in Brazil,” explains Tiago de Oliveira Santos, Harvesters’ Operations manager in Brazil. Many people in the riverside villages have been gripped with fear over the virus and are becoming even more isolated.

Harvesters did not want to see the Amazonian leaders lose heart or momentum with their training. We were able to visit three of the main cities, bringing much needed connection and support to groups of pastors in Eirunepé, Tefé and Santo Antônio do Içá.

These visits would not have been possible without you. Partner with us today to continue the amazing work happening in the Amazon!


Thirty-eight participants gathered in this city as Harvesters Ministries delivered training. Due to unexpected maintenance at the local airport, Tiago had less time for his visit than originally planned. However, the group happily sat for 12 hours on the first day, eager to learn. “For me, it was [noteworthy] that these pastors did not oppose a 12-hour training programme, as this shows an interest or curiosity for what was to come,” observed Tiago.

The next morning, ahead of rushing to the airport before it closed, Tiago was able to meet with the pastors to discuss the concerns they had in their local churches “due to the lack of a solid foundation in evangelism and discipleship.” They are grateful for the Harvesters’ programme which provides focused teaching on both of those topics.

Upon leaving the riverside city, Tiago noted the continuing commitment of the leaders. “Again, the pastors pledged to remain in the programme and to plant at least one church per year.”



“This city has become increasingly exciting with each visit,” Tiago reports enthusiastically. “According to them, visits from Harvesters were the most important days of the year!”

Fifty-two participants gathered together. During the activities, some pastors testified about how the Harvesters’ programme has changed their view of the church. Evangelising is happening in the riverside villages and church planting activities are being planned and started.

Tiago explained that their time together was short, but that “the word of encouragement was well received, the review was approved and the message that they are not alone was well assimilated.”


Santo Antônio do Içá

Thirty-four leaders gathered in Santo Antônio for the Harvesters’ training. “As always the brothers received us there with great joy and satisfaction, however this time the impression upon arrival was somewhat different,” recalls Tiago. “Of all the places in Brazil that I have been through since the beginning of the pandemic, Santo Antônio do Içá was the place that worried me the most.”

“The psychological effect that the pandemic has had on the inhabitants of Santo Antônio is alarming. It was possible to notice, in the eyes of the brothers, their fear that we were bringing some form of infection to them.” Many pastors have confined themselves along with their families in remote places where there is no form of communication and can only be reached by boat and then on foot.

Tiago shared reports from the work of Harvesters in the rest of Brazil and all over the world. “The conclusion was that Jesus, the Lord of the Church, has taken care of us and has not abandoned us at this time. We are not alone, and He is greater than any other illness,” he declared. His message of hope brought relief and comfort to the people.

You Can Train a Pastor

Thanks to your support, leaders in extremely isolated places – accessed by tiny planes, boats and then by foot – feel less alone, and are getting the training they need to make disciples and lead churches. During the visits, exciting new strategies for where to evangelise and plant new churches were planned and started. Which means there is a growing need for pastors.


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