“Dark” Villages are Hostile Towards the Gospel

When you travel through India you will travel through thousands of “dark” villages – more than 400,000 to be precise. A “dark” village has no Christian witness and no access to a church.

One such “dark” village is in the east of India, that our country leader, Brian*, recently visited, and now has three Christian witnesses, but had no church. Brian visited this village in search of a person of peace to start a church in this village.

He started a church under a veranda in the village. There are three women who started coming to the church. These women were Christians who were forced to move to this “dark” village by marriage. The church gathers on Thursday evenings. This small congregation was equipped to be vibrant and powerful in reaching out to the non-believers in their village.


Small Victories make a huge Impact in God’s Kingdom

There is a Hindu electrician in their town, Sabal*. He has a good reputation and he is always friendly towards all people. Sabal was working one day when he collapsed and was rushed to hospital. He was diagnosed with severe anemia – his blood count was 4,2 and should be 14. He was totally unconscious.

When Brian heard the news he rushed to the hospital to pray for Sabal. The doctors informed him that Sabal needs blood urgently. The only problem being that Sabal is B+ and in such a remote village it was very difficult to get the necessary blood for him. The only available blood was A+.

The Christians in town were disappointed, but their faith was certainly not shattered. The small church gathered and started praying for Sabal and weeping before the Lord. They asked the Lord to heal him. Brian also encouraged Sabal to seek Jesus.


God has a Wonderful Way of Doing Things

When a church prays together there is great deliverance. The prayer of the church is the arteries and through them life-sustaining power is derived.

The Lord spoke to us and to the doctors to take Sabal for one more test. Sabal was tested one last time. They found that his blood type is now A+. The doctors were shocked and could not believe that this is even be possible. The hospital found A+ blood available in the blood bank. Sabal was treated and he was healed completely.

Praise the Lord for this incredible miracle! Sabal accepted Jesus Christ as his savior and joined the church in his village. The miracle of Sabal’s healing spread through the village and people became more friendly towards the Christians in their village.

*Names are changed to protect the identity of individuals.