Reaching the Philippines With the True Gospel

Amidst the darkness, the Gospel is a shining light – a promise of a future in Christ.

As we travelled to the first church where Harvesters is training pastors in evangelism and discipleship, I was filled with excitement. Little did I know what was lying ahead.

A basketball court served as the church building. I was astonished – this congregation needed a place to worship and this is exactly what they are doing on this basketball court. When true followers of Christ come together, it is not about the building, but rather a focus on Him who is Lord of the Church.

So many little ones running around everywhere. Joyous smiles, lighting up the church. “Children are the future of the Filipino Church,” I hear someone say as I stand and observe the people around me.


The heavens are rejoicing

At the end of the church service there was an opportunity for people to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Redeemer. What followed, touched the hearts of everyone present.

“Today I fell in love with your religion,” was one lady’s response after the service. When asked if she would like to accept Jesus, she said, “I’m illiterate, so I cannot read your Book. Will Jesus still accept me?” The pastor replied, “Jesus has loved you even before you were born. He accepts you just as you are.” She was so grateful to hear this wonderful news and rejoiced with her whole heart.

What a privilege to be a part of this beautiful testimony. The joy on her face lit up the entire space where we were standing. The heavens rejoiced over this beautiful soul that is now part of the Kingdom.


Pastors understanding the Harvesters vision

When people get the Harvesters vision, they get the job done. We left the church service and drove to the training venue. The pastors were already waiting – pen in the one hand and notepad in the other, ready to learn. They had this same attitude for the duration of the training, always eager to learn.

After we concluded the final day of training with the key Filipino leaders, they were bursting with excitement. We showed them how they can reach their entire nation through strategic and systematic church planting.

This might sound impossible to you and me, but we serve the Almighty God to whom nothing is impossible!

There are 107 million people in the Philippines with only 3,600 evangelical churches. The need for church growth in this nation is extremely big!

1 Chronicles 16:11 “Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always.”