Forming a Gospel Stronghold in Central Africa

Imagine planting churches in a country half the size of the USA but with barely any roads…


Unimaginable Challenges and Urgent Needs

Ps Philippe Makambo. Harvesters Ministries

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), residents contend with unpaved and inadequately maintained roads that become virtually impassable during the rainy season. This, combined with densely populated cities resembling small nations, presents formidable obstacles for pastors in their mission to spread the Gospel.

The cry of local pastors like Philippe Makambo, who has planted two churches so far, is for pastoral training that is urgently needed throughout the DRC. “There are not a lot of churches [in my rural province]. If there are churches, there are no pastors trained,” he explains. “My country needs Harvesters’ training. Not only here in the capital but also in remote areas.”

The DRC is so vast, it would be an overwhelming challenge if not for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and the prayers of friends like you. Pray with us using the below prayer points as a guide.


Equipping Pastors for Ministry

Pastors praying. Harvesters Ministries

The Lord is already assembling an army of mighty warriors. Despite the unimaginable transportation difficulties, more than 120 dedicated pastors arrived eager to commence Harvesters’ four-year training and church-planting programme. Some travelled over 500 kilometres.

At present, Harvesters has three church-planting networks in the DRC, known as Streams, including this newly launched cohort of 127 pastors in the bustling capital city. Kinshasa, with a population of 17 million people – surpassing that of Zimbabwe – is Africa’s third-largest city.

The response was overwhelming, with attendees describing the training as “an answer to prayer” and a source of “light and clarity”. Local pastor Felix declared, “By the grace of God, many churches will be planted through this model.”

These leaders have a passion not only to see their nation embrace Christ, but also to establish the DRC as a stronghold for the Gospel throughout Africa.


A Bold Vision

Pastors smiling. Harvesters Ministries

North Africa, with its Islamic stronghold, presents another significant challenge for local pastors in the DRC. But they have a bold vision to establish a barrier against the persistent spread of Muslim teachings into sub-Saharan Africa.

Strategically located in Central Africa, the DRC is poised to withstand the encroaching influence from the north. Furthermore, their vision is to push back and take the Gospel into the unreached nations of North Africa, becoming missionaries to their neighbours.

Through the support of partners like you, Harvesters is equipping these faithful soldiers with tools and strategies for evangelism, church planting and discipleship. Together we are saturating unreached neighbourhoods, towns and entire cities with a Christian presence. Today we are calling upon you to pray with us and sow into this mission in prayer.


Prayer Points

Taking notes. Harvesters Ministries

  • Pray for the development and infrastructure of the DRC. Ask the Lord for safe and effective outreach to remote regions where the lost need Jesus.
  • Lift up the people of this nation in prayer, for them to have open hearts receptive to the message of Christ and be transformed.
  • Pray for protection against spiritual opposition as these leaders take the Gospel to the corners of the DRC and beyond.
  • Thank God for the passion and commitment of local pastors. Pray for their studies and ministries as they commence a four-year training programme with Harvesters.
  • Pray for the vision to reach the nations of North Africa with the Gospel and stand as a barrier against the spread of false teachings.

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