The Impact of Disciple Makers: Testimonies from France

Disciple Makers from Harvesters is making an impact throughout Europe, with the first churches already planted as a result in the Netherlands and Spain.

Recently, we visited Normandy in France to present the second Disciple Makers in Le Havre with 16 participants. Their goal is to activate at least 20 more churches with Disciple Makers techniques, igniting a movement to spread the message of Christ throughout France.

Although France is 60% Christian adherent, only 1.5% of the population are evangelical Christians. Secularism and atheism are on the rise and over half the people are Roman Catholic. It’s a vast mission field that needs to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.

Sadly, the fastest growing religion throughout Western Europe is Islam, due to both a higher birth rate than other Europeans and migration from North Africa. France has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe (9%).

The need for discipleship is vital. Even some Christians confessed that they didn’t fully understand how to disciple others.

“My view of discipleship before this training was to raise awareness about personal prayer time and personal Bible reading at home,” shared Antonin, a Disciple Makers participant. “What impacted me most was the [the need for] perseverance and not hesitating to regularly follow up with people so they can progress.”

Another participant, Christophe, echoed this, saying, “Before the training, disciple making was really hard because I didn’t know where to start with helping someone to walk with Jesus. I viewed it like a big mountain that was hard to climb. I didn’t know what to do practically.”

“I really love the easiness of what to do,” Christophe continued. “Because it’s not me, it’s God who is going to do the work. You can start with your family and your neighbourhood, and if all Christians in the world start with this it would bring so many people to God.”

Disciple Makers, available throughout Europe, lays out the principals of the Great Commission and provides practical strategies for evangelism and discipleship.

“It’s the only and unique way to see multiplication – by making disciples,” said Clayton Joutet, pastor of the church in Le Havre. “There is no other solution.”

Participant Roseline shared that the training has given her tools and confidence. “I believe anyone who really wants to further their journey with the Lord and obey the Great Commission should really consider taking this training to be equipped and to gain confidence,” she said.

Excitement and momentum are growing among this group of disciple makers in France. Christophe, who is sadly suffering with liver cancer, wants to be “an everyday Great Commission Christian who makes disciples” and use whatever time he has left to reach people.

“I hope this encourages you that the Gospel is reaching Europe, especially France,” says Ian Stanton, Harvesters’ Europe Continent Leader. Disciple Makers is not just a course, it’s a movement that is gaining momentum across Europe, opening the way for the world to know Jesus.

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