Good News is Spreading Fast!

Good News is Spreading Fast!

Generous friends like you have helped plant more than 80,000 churches in over 65 countries by supporting Harvesters Ministries — and around 100 new churches are being planted everyday!


The growth has been amazing since Harvesters began in 1998 with a vision to plant churches through evangelism, discipling new believers, training pastors, and distributing Bibles. Just two years later, 27 new churches were planted in Malawi and Zambia. By 2006, the need for Bibles was so great that Harvesters started Bibles for Believers as a project to equip the newly planted churches.


Pastor Journal and his congregation received copies of God’s Word through Bibles for Believers, thanks to friends like you. That opened the way for more than 50 new churches to be planted in his area in Africa, and many of these church leaders are now training with Harvesters.


In addition, millions of people have come to Christ through Harvesters’ evangelistic church-planting model! In any given week, as many as 6 million people who have been won through evangelism efforts are being discipled using the Harvesters materials and Bibles you have helped provide.

Your support also makes it possible to continue joining hands with Pastor Journal –and many other church leaders – to distribute Bibles for believers. It’s crucial because in many countries worldwide, many Christians are still without a copy of God’s Word.

Pastor Charles from Uganda with his wife

In fact, during a recent visit to Uganda, the Harvesters team was amazed at how student pastors were doing their best to grow their churches, even before receiving their own Bible.


Thanks to faithful supporters like you, the team distributed 1,100 Bibles to believers in Uganda who were overjoyed and deeply grateful. But there’s still a pressing need for Bibles, as was revealed at a recent pastors training event…


“We had a great number of pastors from different regions,” says Pastor Charles from northern Uganda. “They were really blessed because they’d never had something like that before. Pastors rode bicycles 75 km – and many of them were old men! They were very tired, but they came to get knowledge.


“People were empowered to go forward in the north and plant churches. We’re going to have thousands and thousands of churches opening up in this land.”

But one of the biggest issues raised was the need for more Bibles. “They want to reach the people in the field, but they don’t have Bibles,” explains Pastor Charles. “If you can reach them with the Gospel, it will be a beautiful achievement.”

Please pray for believers like Pastor Journal and Pastor Charles who have a love for their people and a strong desire to plant churches.

Thank you for helping sow God’s Word and plant new churches!