See Where You’ve Helped Plant Churches

See Where You've Helped Plant Churches

Through your support, you’ve opened the way for millions to come to Christ and over 80,000 churches to be planted through Harvesters Ministries! And that number is growing all the time. In fact, Harvesters plants 100 churches every day around the world.

Please pray for the work happening in these regions and for potentially more than 33,000 new churches that will be planted in the coming 12 months.

      1. North America

      2. Central & South America

      3. West Europe

      4. East Europe 

      5. North Africa & Middle East 

      6. East Africa

      7. West and Central Africa

      8. Southern Africa

      9. Asia

      10. Southeast Asia

Harvesters Ministries Global Footprint

*some countries cannot be shown for security reasons.