Pray with Us: Pastors Kidnapped and Killed

Let’s pray together for pastors in Ethiopia who are facing threats, kidnappings and even killings. Below, you will find some prayer points to guide you as your partner with us in prayer.


Daily Struggles

Harvesters’ pastors are demonstrating astounding resilience in the face of immense pressure. Rebel groups are prowling the area, and even as Harvesters arrived recently to Adama for training there were reports of rebels nearby. This imminent threat of violence is something local pastors such as Ps Nigussi are dealing with every day.

“The rebels come to the church and ask for money,” he reports. “They take people, they kidnap people and keep them for ransom.”

In spite of the surrounding dangers, 26 courageous church planters gathered for Phase C training with Harvesters to study homiletics and sermon preparation.

“These pastors are really suffering,” shares Ps Nigussi, “But they are committed, they are eager, and they are devoted to plant more churches and preach the Gospel.”


Tragedy Strikes

Rural and metropolitan Ethiopia. Harvesters Ministries

During our time spent with these inspiring leaders, one tragic story came to light that illustrates the unthinkable difficulties they’re facing.

Pastor Shaferu, described as a “strong, energetic young pastor”, was one of the first pastors trained by Harvesters in Ethiopia and has just graduated from the programme.

He shared how his father-in-law, also a pastor who has planted several churches in the area, was kidnapped and held captive for a harrowing 10 to 15 days. Despite the frantic attempts of his family to find him, their efforts proved futile. Ultimately, a ransom demand came – an exuberant amount of half a million Ethiopian birr.

As they scrambled to source a solution, the captors took a heinous turn and mercilessly ended the father-in-law’s life. Heartbreakingly, the family have been unable to bury their loved one as a result.

These distressing events highlight the perilous situations faced by pastors in this region. Their courage, commitment and faithfulness is truly inspiring, but they need our prayers!


Pray with Us

Ps Shaferu and Ps Nigussi. Harvesters Ministries

  • Praise God for faithful and courageous labourers like Pastors Shaferu and Nigussi (pictured above). Thanks to believers like them, the Gospel is still being preached in the midst of unimaginable personal pressure.
  • As Jesus said to his disciples, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves.” (Matt 10:16). This passage of Scripture is particularly relevant to leaders and believers in Ethiopia. Let’s pray fervently for the Lord’s strength and protection.
  • Ask God to intervene and bring an end to the cycle of violence. Let’s pray that the rebels will be transformed by the Gospel.
  • Extend your prayers to Ps Shaferu and his family at this tragic and distressing time. Pray for God to bring comfort to them in their grief.
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