Kenya Rejoices Over Bibles

In October 2023, Harvesters had the privilege of delivering 2,600 local-language Bibles to newly planted churches in Kenya. As Student Pastors faithfully evangelise and plant churches in communities with no Christian presence, there comes a desperate cry for Bibles – a precious lifeline for God’s people.

Thanks to the support of partners and donors like you, Harvesters distributed God’s Word to disciples in 63 newly planted churches across the challenging terrains of Bungoma, Busia and Siyaya counties. Although the roads were difficult, it was all worth it to meet our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ who were overcome with joy. Below are some powerful testimonies of impact from those who received their very first Bible. 


Muslim-Background-Believer Receives God’s Word

Isah Marida, once a follower of Islam, discovered faith in Christ when Harvesters planted a church in her hometown of Busia. The recently established congregation is flourishing with new believers, and the members can now strengthen their spiritual journey following the distribution of God’s Word. Isah, one of the recipients of a Bible, is advancing in her understanding and connection with Christ.


Just Two Bibles for the Whole Church


Pastor Judith Baraza, a student of Harvesters in Busia County, previously only had two Bibles to share among her congregation. Now, every member has their own Bible to read, study and use to grow closer to God. She is thankful to Harvesters and partners for providing this precious gift.


Displaying God’s Love

Leonardo Pierro. Harvesters Ministries

Leonardo Pierro, a new believer, explained that previously he was “struggling” to understand what was being preached at church. Upon being handed a Bible of his very own he thanked God. “Now, even me, I can preach, I can teach, I can do anything for God. Thank you for remembering me,” he rejoiced. “See how God loves me!”


Widespread Impact of God’s Word

Pastor Bonventure Ogola expressed his appreciation for Harvesters’ training programme, highlighting newcomers embracing faith and a positive impact on his congregation. He attested, “They have changed from their traditional ways to godly ways.” Expressing gratitude for the Bibles they received, Pastor Bonventure explained that these sacred books will help his church to “reveal the One” and bring about transformation in people’s lives and the community.


Reaching More with the Gospel

Ps James Lukorito. Harvesters Ministries

Pastor James Lukorito’s congregation will use their new Bibles to witness to others about Christ. Previously they were short of Bibles and many congregants didn’t have one. “But now, thanks to your help, it will be easy for us to reach more people than ever before with the Gospel,” shares Ps James.


Praising God for His Gift

Doreen Mercy is in her church choir and longed for a Bible of her own. “Once we were told to go and read some verses,” she shared, “and I was wondering where I would read them because I didn’t have a Bible.” Harvesters was privileged to hand Doreen her very first Bible and she rejoiced and praised God for the wonderful gift.


A Desire to Reach the Nations

Levina Okumu. Harvesters Ministries

Levina Okumu possesses a fervent evangelical heart. As a student of Harvesters, she credited the training programme with helping her to grow spiritually. Upon receiving Bibles from Harvesters, Levina thanked God, saying “I want to reach many people and many nations to teach them the Word of God.”


Going Deeper in God’s Word

Pastor Grace Ajiambo Juma. Harvesters Ministries

Pastor Grace Ajiambo Juma only had three Bibles in her church which were primarily used by the leaders. Receiving Bibles from Harvesters has brought significant change for her congregation. “Now when I read Scripture, people will be able to follow along,” she rejoices. “You have done something great by bringing these Bibles to us, they are really important to us. We will continue reading God’s Word and learning.”

Harvesters Ministries