Pray with Us: Southeast Asia

Harvesters is expanding the Kingdom in Southeast Asia as new believers come to Christ. Local pastors are working faithfully; however, challenges abound as they evangelise in enemy territory, and we are calling on you to pray with us for them. Below you will find prayer points to guide you.


Expansion in Southeast Asia

Ps Ongky and Shelley. Harvesters Ministries

In 2023, Harvesters opened a new nation in Southeast Asia for church-planting: Indonesia. As the country with the largest Muslim population globally – home to 13% of the world’s Muslim inhabitants – Indonesia presents a critical opportunity to reach the lost, establish churches and train pastors.

Overseeing church-planting in the Bali region are Ps Ongke and his wife Shelley. Their journey began with fervent prayers seeking the Lord’s guidance for the next steps of their church. When they encountered Harvesters church-planting methodology, it became clear that this was the path God intended for them in this season. Sister Shelley described her heart being “on fire” as Harvesters’ vision aligned with God’s calling for their future.

“This is the tool we were praying for,” said Ps Ongke. “It will help us to produce more leaders and more churches.” Already a group of key leaders has commenced the training programme. They started with six church plants and have recently planted two more.


Reaching Out

Reaching out in Borneo. Harvesters Ministries

After successfully presenting Phase A in Bali, we travelled to the island of Borneo to present Harvesters’ methodology and vision to leaders in Kalimantan. We joined them for an outreach to a nearby village.

It was a privilege to see the transformative impact of the church in action as they went from house to house bringing food, caring for people, and looking for opportunities to share the Gospel in this primarily-Buddhist community.

We saw how God’s Word transformed the lives of many people, leading individuals to accept Jesus Christ. Together, we spent time in praise and worship, celebrating what God had done in their lives. So please pray with us for the Church in Indonesia, that God will not only establish His Church here, but also see it grow as more and more people come to faith, as they respond to the Gospel.


Obstacles to Overcome

Reaching out in Borneo. Harvesters Ministries (2)

It’s not easy to evangelise in this part of the world. Pastors often travel in pairs to navigate the obstacles they face. Travelling by motorbike through treacherous mud often requires two or more people to push the bike when it gets stuck. Moreover, travelling together enhances their safety because pastors are uncertain how their message of salvation will be received village-to-village.


Prayer Points

Morning Devotions in Bali. Harvesters Ministries

  • Thank the Lord for opening the way in Indonesia. Let’s pray for the establishment of a thriving Christian presence throughout Southeast Asia.
  • Pray protection over the pastors who take huge risks to bring the Gospel to the lost. Ask God to fortify them with wisdom, discernment and faith.
  • Pray that the hearts of those who hear the message of Good News will be open to receiving Christ as their Saviour.
  • Seek God’s strength for the leaders undergoing training. Pray for spiritual growth, effective leadership and the courage to boldly spread the Gospel. May they become influential leaders, producing more churches and disciples in Southeast Asia.

Harvesters Ministries