Rwanda: Where Horror and Hope Collide

The worst chapter of Rwandan history is well known – its darkest hour when one million precious lives were stolen in only 100 days. People fled to churches, schools and other places desperately seeking safety and security. But ultimately, it could not be provided for long. As churches were eventually overtaken, people were murdered between the pews. The most horrific picture.


From Horror to Hope

Today, Pastor Rodrique Sebineza wants to provide Spiritual safety and security through the churches he plants. Rodrique preaches about a secure Hope that can only be found in Jesus. In this case, it is a security that can never be overtaken by the Enemy! We pray that the people of Rwanda will once more flood to the churches seeking safety – not in the buildings of the church, but in the Message of the church, Jesus Christ!

Rodrique ministers in Nyamata, Rwanda – which is located around 30km from Kigali, the capital city. Francois, Harvesters’ Regional Director over Rwanda, fondly describes him as a man “unashamed to preach the Gospel.”



However, it is a challenge. “People distrust the church and fellow Christians,” explains Francois. “To re-evangelize and disciple the Rwandese people is an exceedingly difficult endeavour.”

“But, the Holy Spirit moves ahead of us, preparing hearts as we go along. We have been planting churches for the last 3 years in Kigali and surrounding villages very successfully.” So far, Harvesters Ministries has planted over 150 churches. “I know God is at work in the beautiful country of Rwanda,” declares Francois.


Uniquely Called For Such A Time As This

Rwanda, as a police state, controls the church feverishly. It is difficult to plant churches with structures. But, Pastor Rodrique has been specifically empowered and commissioned by the Holy Spirit to reach his fellow Rwandan brothers and sisters. He frequently sees opportunities to share the Gospel. “You see,” he says, “the church is everywhere. It is around us, in us, if we just open our eyes.”

“I have planted now 20 churches,” reports Rodrique, “and I have a plan to plant 30 more. This Harvesters material has helped me to train, and I’m still training, and I know that with the great help of the Holy Spirit, I will plant 30 churches in 30 districts of Rwanda.”

“I do evangelism and discipleship. I like so much training people for evangelism and training people for making disciples,” Rodrique passionately explains. “That is my heart, that is what I need and that is what God has called me for.”


Bus Stop Church

One day, Rodrique found a group of young men at a bus station as he was waiting to catch a bus.  The prompting of the Holy Spirit moved him to invite the boys to join him at his local church. But because they worked at the bus station earning a small wage it was impossible to take them away from their living.

“God spoke to me very clearly,” said Rodrique. “Why don’t you plant your church right here at the bus stop. Bring the church to my people!” Without hesitation he explained the Harvesters Church model to the boys – and within 20 minutes, a church was planted right there.

The church now gathers every Thursday for an hour of church and teaching.  “We have church like any other church,” tells Rodrique. “We pray, preach, testify and serve communion.  Church is never a building – it’s a place where 2 or 3 are together and gathering in the name of Jesus.”

One by one the young men met Jesus personally. “There was no need to postpone,” Rodrique said. “I baptized those who declared Jesus as their Saviour and Friend. I chose a leader for my new Church at the Bus Stop and we are growing.”


Your Gifts Are Planting Churches

It is thanks to your donations that enables Pastor Rodrique to reach the lost in Rwanda. They enable over 32,000 pastors in over 50 countries to reach the unreached where they are. It costs R1,800/£100/$120 to train a pastor. This provides a three-year curriculum, training materials and a Bible in their own language. Your gift today, or R150/£8/$10monthly, can provide a community with an equipped pastor. Harvesters wants to see a church in every community where previously there was no church. Join us in that mission today.

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