Testimonies of Impact: Angola Bible Placement

At the start of July 2023, Harvesters joyfully delivered a phenomenal amount of 6,820 Bibles to the embracing arms of Angola – a feat made possible thanks to the remarkable compassion of our partners and donors. Imagine the scenes of gratitude as these precious Bibles were lovingly handed to believers in over 150 church plants around Ondjiva in Southern Angola.

Below, read some of the testimonies we received from believers who received their very first Bibles. Their gratitude overflowed! We know you will be touched by their stories.


His Old Bible Had Pages Missing

Miguel Ngola. Harvesters Ministries

Miguel Ngola, currently studying Phase C of Harvesters’ Training, is pastoring a new church near Xangongo with nine new believers in his congregation. The Bible he had was old with pages missing, making it extremely difficult to learn and preach. So, he was delighted to receive a new Portuguese Bible from Harvesters!


He Used to Walk 10km to Hear the Word

Thomas Hipunyati. Harvesters Ministries

Thomas Hipunyati is an elder of a church in Okuandubu Village. Each week, he walks 10km to church and his sole access to the Word of God was confined to those church walls. But now, with a Bible of his own, he can explore the depths of its teachings in the quiet corners of his home.


Now People Can Read the Word and Come to Christ

Pastor Augustino . Harvesters Ministries

Pastor Augustino is a Hub Leader in Santa Clara, which is situated on the border with Namibia. He recently graduated from Harvesters’ Training Programme and has planted three churches around Santa Clara as well as three over the border in Namibia. Harvesters delivered 326 Oshikwanyama and English Bibles to his churches in Ovamboland, northern Namibia.

“We will use the Bibles to preach the Gospel,” he said. “It’s a little bit difficult to preach to someone without having a Bible. Sometimes we become believers when we see and read. Even the person who is far away from God can come closer to God.”


His Dedication Brought Tears to Our Eyes

Pastor Celestino. Harvesters Ministries

To experience how desperate some pastors are to get Bibles for their congregants touches our hearts. Pastor Celestino from Namakunde woke up before the sun to walk along a dirt path to the main road where he waited for the Harvesters Bible team – which picked him up ten hours after he left home. The joyous eruption of praise and dancing from the congregation when Harvesters eventually arrived left no heart untouched.

Reynold Fourie from the Harvesters team reflected, “Pastor, you really encouraged my faith today – I was in tears because of what you did today to help your congregation. We can really learn from you.”


Pastors Are Desperate for Bibles

Francisco Marcelino. Harvesters Ministries

Hub Leader Francisco Marcelino and three Student Pastors travelled for two days to meet Harvesters at Onjiva and collect Bibles. Then they journeyed back as far as a vehicle could go, before walking the rest of the way carrying the precious cargo on their heads. They will distribute the Bibles to their congregations in the Cunene District.


Now She Has a Bible in her Own Language

Paulina. Harvesters Ministries

Paulina is a member of a church near Namacunde that meets under a beautiful fig tree. Previously, she used a very old Bible that was not even hers – and wasn’t in her home language. Now she treasures one of her own that she can read!

These testimonies remind us of the profound impact a single Bible can have on an individual, a community, and an entire nation. Access to the Word of God enables pastors to preach more effectively, believers to deepen their faith, and seekers to find their way to Christ.

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