The Urgent Mission to Spread the Gospel


The world desperately needs Jesus! And Harvesters Ministries is training over 330 pastors across Togo to help meet that need. Equipping leaders with the tools for discipleship is vital to engage the Body to reach the lost, and strengthen Christian communities to stand against increasing opposition.


An Urgent Mission

The landscape of Togo is marked by both the beauty of its culture and the complexity of its religious dynamics. As Harvesters Ministries helps to open the way for the Gospel throughout West Africa, an alarming challenge has come to the forefront – the rising influence of Islam. This is underscoring the urgency of the mission to plant churches, spread the news of Jesus and train pastors.

Local pastors in Togo are rising to the occasion, responding to the call to “go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). Over the course of two weeks, Harvesters trained 332 pastors in five cities throughout the nation.


Uniting Pastors for Impact

In two of the targeted cities, pastors joined the sessions from other countries. For some, they will return home and begin the process of establishing Harvesters’ footprint in order to open new nations for church planting. This will strengthen the Christian frontline in West Africa to stand against the spreading of a false faith.

But for others, training is impossible within their own borders because of religious persecution. So, this ‘extraction model’ ensures that pastors receive the necessary tools and knowledge while minimising the risk. Furthermore, it creates a collaborative environment that fosters connections, support, and a unified vision for the wider region.


From Doubts to Determination

Group smiling. Harvesters Ministries

Becoming a church planter can seem daunting at the beginning, and some pastors shared their concerns and challenges with each another. One admitted that after 14 years of pastoring a local church, he did not see how he could plant any more.

But after a fresh examination of the Great Commission call, and armed with tools and methods from Harvesters, nerves were settled and a deep passion was reignited.

The pastor who had initially felt church planting was nearly impossible had a complete change of heart and admitted he had not realised how easy it really is to do. With renewed confidence, these pastors have embraced their roles as church planters emboldened by the Holy Spirit.


Challenging Comfort Zones: A Bountiful Harvest

The pastors were challenged to step beyond their comfort zones and promptly apply these teachings in practical ways. At the Kick Off events held in Vogan, Tabligbo and Kara, pastors hit the streets equipped with the Heart of Man Chart, an evangelism tool utilised by Harvesters, to spread the Gospel message. Their devoted commitment led to a remarkable outcome – 163 individuals embraced the faith and dedicated their hearts to the Lord.

Strengthening Christian communities through unity and discipleship is a key strategy for advancing the Kingdom in Togo. We thank God for local pastors outworking the Great Commission in the face of increasing opposition.

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