Thank You For Your Prayers!

God’s Church is growing across the globe. More and more people are gaining access to His Word – and to the life-changing reality of a relationship with Jesus. Your prayers play a vital role in opening the way. Thank you for your prayers!

This month, please pray for…

  • Anjali (name changed), who is HIV-positive. She was lost until a Harvesters pastor shared the Gospel with her. Sadly, in Anjali’s village she will always be seen as the girl with HIV, but she knows that she is a loved daughter of God. God can use anyone to do His work and to enlarge His Kingdom. Anjali has completed her evangelism training with Harvesters and is now sharing the Gospel with other individuals who are seeking the Truth. Pray for her to overcome rejection and isolation as she shares the love of Jesus. Pray that hearts will be opened to her witness. Pray for so many others like her who have seen the Holy Spirit change their lives – and want to share with their friends and neighbours.
  • The move of the Holy Spirit, who is moving in a way that has seldom been seen in the Middle East, including in Egypt. A huge number of people have turned to Christ in recent years, many of them through dreams and visions. Television and radio are also making a huge impact, and many are questioning their traditions and religion and are willing to talk about Jesus. With change comes greater opportunity for the Gospel, but there are still many who strongly oppose Christianity. Pray that God will continue to open doors for His Church to grow in Egypt and beyond. Pray for boldness and protection as local churches share Jesus’ love in their communities; pray that God’s hand of provision will meet all their needs, including their desperate need for Bibles.
  • Pastor Thomas Amone of the Victory Outreach Church in Uganda, who was thrilled to receive his own copy of the Bible and said, “I’m going to use the Bible to impact the lives of people, preaching the Gospel of Christ to other people. We appreciate the Bibles!” Pray for Pastor Thomas and thousands of church leaders like him to be encouraged in their faith; pray that God will continue to grow their understanding of Him. Pray that they will be faithful and dynamic leaders who will teach the Gospel well, and lead thousands more to know Jesus.
  • The unreached people groups of the Amazon, where more than 24 million people live, including 900,000 indigenous people from 240 tribes in Brazil and other nations, wait to hear the Good News of Jesus. Pray that God will bless the pastors with the wisdom that they need to evangelize the indigenous people of the Amazon that live in remote and far-off villages. Pray for their safety as they enter these tribes. Pray that God will raise up more brothers and sisters in Christ that will go out and evangelize the lost.

Thank you for your faithful prayers to see the global Church equipped,hearts touched by the Spirit, and lives changed by His power. As God’s Church grows even in the midst of hardship and persecution, your prayers are so important.

And thank you for any gift you’re led to give today to open the way for the whole world to know Jesus!