Vietnamese Pastors face Persecution

The pastors have a great sense of urgency regarding evangelism. Recently, more than 1200 people came to Christ and 48 new churches were planted in the northern, central and southern parts of Vietnam.

Christians in Vietnam are in the minority of the population. Some of the strategic conversations we had with our pastors were focused on how to reach the majority of the Viet Kinh people (over 75 million people). There are only 500,000 believers among this people group.


New believers and churches in Vietnam

Pastor Thanh*, who had been partially paralyzed for the last couple of years has not only experienced the power of God at work in his own life; but has also seen it in the lives of those who in the past never wanted to hear anything about Jesus.

He spent so much money on various treatments that produced no improvement, and as a result, fell into terrible debt. Unable to repay those he had borrowed money from, he desperately fell on his knees and cried out to God. A few days later someone prayed over him and he was completely healed. We praise God for this miracle!

The news of his miraculous healing soon reached neighbouring villages. Those who were previously opposed to the Gospel were amazed and became open to hearing about the God who healed him.


Pastors persevering amidst persecution

Pastor Trâng* experienced what it means to be excommunicated from a village for being a true follower of Christ. He has planted seven new churches in only six months. During one of his last evangelism outreaches, a terrible thing happened: The people from his own community did not want this foreign religion to indoctrinate their people after hearing that many people from surrounding villages have accepted Christ. As a result, they burnt down pastor Trâng’s family home. His entire home burnt to the ground.

The police said that they could not get involved in arresting the perpetrators as his family brought this upon themselves for being Christians.

This is the sort of price that a Christian has to pay in Vietnam for following Jesus faithfully. Imagine living in a country where the police do not even want to help you because you believe in Jesus Christ.


*names changed.