Mali: A Broken Nation

Tens of thousands of people are currently displaced in central Mali. Many of them fled their homes due to violent attacks on their villages. Hundreds of people have been killed in violent massacres on unsuspecting villages in central Mali over the last few months.

The villages closest to the Burkina Faso border are facing the highest risk of being attacked. The government have implemented a plan to ensure the safety of these villages. The plan is however not fool-proof yet.

The Gospel has never been so desperately needed at any other time in history as it is today! Innocent people are losing their lives – many of these people are lost forever, because they did not know Jesus Christ. You see, Mali is a Muslim nation with more than 90% followers of Islam. Today is the best time to change these broken communities in Mali.


You are changing the world!

Thanks to loyal donors like you it was possible for Harvesters to train pastors in this unstable nation. We visited the city of Bamako for three days and trained 42 pastors in evangelism, discipleship and church planting. These pastors travelled from various regions in Mali. They all completed their Phase A training and are truly on fire for God. They have committed to attend all the training over the next three years.

These pastors evangelise the lost and plant churches under very difficult circumstances. Persecution is a daily reality for Christians in Mali. Pray that God will continue to strengthen them as they face this harsh reality.

Praise God for the group of pastors who went out and planted eight churches already. This was made possible by you, our loyal donors. We are so thankful that you are building this ministry with us.

You not only provided enough funds for study material for each pastor – you also provided each pastor and student pastor with a Bible. The Living Word of God is entering communities and changing the lives of lost souls. Thanks to your generous heart and contribution people are coming to Christ.