A Country Once Torn by Genocide – Restored by Jesus!

Bible spree in Rwanda despite destroyed churches!

Loyal Harvesters partners like you made it possible for us to pay a visit to Kigali, Rwanda and surroundings recently.

You have made it possible for us to purchase 200 Bibles by supporting our Harvesters Bible for Believers program.

We believe that every new believer, student pastor and pastor at a church should have access to God’s Word. We intend to provide this need, but cannot do it alone.


Joy is tangible as Bibles are handed out

Rwanda May 2019 BiblesThe unspeakable joy can be seen on the Hub-leaders’ faces as they receive Bibles for their “hidden churches”.

More than 8,000 churches were destroyed by the government in 2018. Since then the Church was forced to meet in secret. The Church in Rwanda is growing from strength to strength despite the persecution they face.

Everyone who received Bibles planted their required churches, as per the Harvesters curriculum. They accomplished this despite the fact that the government destroyed their churches by sending bulldozers. Many pastors are now using home churches and are even moving around to various locations to have church meetings with their congregations.


Great joy reigned in Kigali, Rwanda

A special thank you to every single donor that believes in the Missio Dei of God and spreading the Good News unashamedly!

All our Hub-leaders successfully completed Phase F of their training and planted a minimum of three churches each. Praise God for these obedient disciples!

Romans 10:17 “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”