Message of Hope – Sermon by Steven Loots

Current Reality

2 Dangerous viruses

  1. Global Pandemic Coronavirus or COVID-19:
    1. Reality,
    2. Deadly,
    3. Spreading exponentially,
    4. Particularly harmful to older people and those with certain pre-existing conditions.
    5. The numbers are incredible:
      1. Over half a million globally.
      2. Over 20 000 dead.
  • In SA there are over 1 000 cases.
  1. It has a Death Rate of over 2%
  1. Global shutdown of travel;
  2. Local lockdowns,
  3. Social distancing,
  4. Churches severely impacted,
  5. There is as of today NO know cure – a vaccine is still months away,
  6. Christians are NOT immune!
  7. BUT, we have faith and we do not fear – not even death.
  1. We need to take this seriously and follow the guidelines:
    1. We need to think of others.
    2. We need to protect the vulnerable.
    3. We need to use common sense.

Second Virus has a 100% infection rate, it has a 100% death rate. It has an eternal impact!

  1. I’m speaking of course about sin.
  2. Everyone is born with a sinful nature.
  3. Each of us practices sin.
  4. Sin causes a zombie apocalypse in that it makes us do harmful things to others.
    1. The world is full of violence.
    2. People murder and steal and rape.
    3. Children and women are abused.
    4. We lie and deceive one another and we infect one another causing others to sin.
  5. The GOOD NEWS however is that there is a cure:
    1. Paul received this GOOD NEWS and went asap to the Corinthians ans shared it with them.
    2. Jesus DIED for our SINS.
    3. He was Buried.
    4. He Rose again and overcame death!
    5. He appeared to many as proof of His resurrection.
  6. ILL ISRAEL in the Desert – Copper snake.
  7. HOPE for the world.

What do we do now?

As far as Corona is concerned:

  • Accept the reality.
  • Follow the rules.
  • Minister to those you need help while taking every precaution.
  • Reach out to the vulnerable – help, give, pray.
  • Connect to the lonely, restore relationships.
  • Be safe.
  • Continue to support the church financially.
  • Support Missions.


As far as the Gospel is Concerned:

  • This is an incredible opportunity. People who never would talk or listen will now.
  • Share the true Gospel.
  • Provide true hope – not false hope.
  • Make people aware of the greatest virus and the cure for it.
  • Don’t argue – be loving and humble – don’t force people.
  • There is an urgency.
  • Start with a prayer list and then seek opportunities to share your faith.


Closing the doors is not a form of persecution. It is just good old common sense. The church has never been about building and meetings but about living as disciples of Christ. Let’s act like people of faith, let’s be strong and faithful. Our hope is in the Lord.