Covid-19 – An Unprecedented Opportunity

This crisis is going to become very challenging to almost everyone you know. The Covid-19 pandemic however is also a time of unprecedented opportunity for Christians like you to be a beacon of hope to those who will be affected, isolated or traumatized by this pandemic.  Even small acts of kindness and love will make an enormous impact.

I want to remind you that believers throughout the centuries have endured, but also survived hardship, persecution and pandemics. Not only did they survive, but have always grown and even thrived. This situation should be no different.

Both the denial of the pandemic as well as unrealistic fear will do much more harm than good.  Denial leads to irresponsible behaviour aiding the spread of the virus and fear leads to panic buying and hoarding, leaving the most vulnerable without basic necessities.

This is an opportunity to be the Church, to be the hands and feet of Christ, to share the Gospel and be generous.  Many people will be open to listen to the message of hope and salvation. Let us encourage, share and serve.

Travel bans and meeting restrictions have been implemented by most countries.  Many churches were forced to suspend traditional fellowship.  Harvesters Ministries also has to comply with these preventative measures.

In these times however, the harvest is even riper than before.   Please pray for the thousands of Hub-leaders, Pastors and Student Pastors whose desire to love and serve is not diminished by this pandemic.  Pray for boldness as they continue to proclaim Christ, and for courage as they will most certainly have to deal with many sick and dying in their communities.

Please also pray for Harvesters Ministries.  Precautionary restrictions have all but halted almost all opportunities for fundraising.  Many people are using their money to stock up on groceries during this uncertain time.

Kingdom expansion cannot be halted by this pandemic.  If anything it has to be accelerated.  That is why we need your help today.

Your gift will make a crucial impact in the Kingdom and enable Harvesters to show even the most vulnerable that the body of Christ still cares.  Ask the Lord what your best gift could be in these trying times. Give with love today, give with generosity and give in faith.